Bamboo Charcoal Wrist Band

  • I have fairly small wrists. How does one size fit a large boned man at the time be able to adequately support a small wrist? I have purchased these before from Isabella, and they had S, M, and L. I loved the knee and wrist supports, but was able to choose from a variety of sizes. I wanted to use your site because you offer many more health products. Please advise. Thank you. DeborahPicard P. S. I also suffer from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. I need all the help I can get.

    The Bamboo Charcoal wrist bands are elastic, therefore they can fit small wrists as well as large wrists. For those with a larger or bigger wrist, the wrist bands are just a little tighter. Therefore there should be no trouble with the wrist supports supporting your smaller wrists. You can also rinse the wrist supports in the sink and lay them out in the sun not only to reactivate the bamboo charcoal in the product, but also so make them a bit more fit to your wrist size. We would also recommend looking at our Alleviate that may be able to help with the rheumatoid and osteoarthritis pains as well.

Environmentally friendly and suitable for your home, office, and travel needs. Bamboo charcoal is a natural ionizer that reacts with your body heat to emit Negative Ion, Far Infrared Rays, & carries Odor Absorption Properties. 


We select bamboo stalks that are harvested from sustainable forests in Asia.  They are exposed to intense heat at 1400-1800 degrees F to create bamboo charcoal, which is enclosed in inserts and/or woven into knitted fabrics.  When used with proper physical therapy, this may improve your blood circulation, which can ease minor and temporary issues such as:


·  Muscle Tension & Body Aches
·  Joint Discomfort
·  Increase Flexibility
·  Promote Relaxation
·  Reduce Stress & Anxiety
·  Promote Better Sleep
·  Increase Energy
·  Promote Well-Being
·  Promote Longevity
·  Remove Odor & Dampness
·  Balancing & Grounding



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