Foot Log - Foot Massager

The Foot Log, foot massager uses the principles of reflexology - the connection between reflex points on the feet and corresponding parts of the body - to provide a beneficial massage on your feet. A Foot Log applies pressure to all the points on the bottom of your feet to provide a massage to the entire body.

Use the Foot Log for as little as ten minutes each day can stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and relax tension through the benefits of a reflexology foot massage.
It is designed for simple use: sit down, relax, and roll the Foot Log back and forth under your feet from heel to toe and enjoy a full body reflexology stimulation without knowing the different reflex points on the feet.

Use as a heel massager to provide your heels with a massage to stimulate circulation to heel pain caused by stone bruise, Plantar fasciitis (subcalcaneal pain), and Heel spurs.

Use as a toe massager to stimulate circulation to toe pain such as calluses, corns, bunions, hammertoes/claw toes, and Morton's neuroma.



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