Wonderzorb Wondercup

Silipos' Wonderzorb Wondercup is a breathable, skin-like medical grade silicone insert for heels that eases the pain of bursitis, Achilles tendonitis / Achilles' heel, Calcaneal spur, Plantar fasciitis, Pressure Ulcers and other heel conditions. The Wonderzorb Wondercup's large circular soft gel durometer dot, located in center of heel, relieves pain through heel including the calcaneus and subcutaneous connective tissue .

Wonderzorb Wondercup shipped in pairs.
If heel pain is a problem resulting from a variety of activities, the Silipos' Wonderzorb Wondercup can help alleviate the painful symptoms by providing maximum support and shock absorption by utilizing two densities of medical grade silicone - clear silicone with a softer density red silicone dot, provides additional relief to the sensitive area of the heel tissue and heel bones.



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