5 Natural Hangover Remedies

So you've got a hangover, huh? Don't worry it happens to the best of us, and there is good news as well. Dealing with a hangover shouldn't be treated as a one-dimensional problem. There are ways to get real relief naturally. By following the steps that we outline here in this article, you'll find that you can indeed reduce the severity of your hangover substantially. But whatever you do, don't drink yet more in an attempt to cure your hangover; this "cure" doesn't work and is actually a major step on the road to alcoholism!

Hangover Tip One-Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a very interesting herb. In fact, it is safe to state that milk thistle is one of the most interesting and useful herbs there is. What is it that makes it so interesting? As it turns out, milk thistle is an excellent way to detoxify one's liver, as it has both a protective effect on the liver and can even repair damage. Doctors even use it on patients who have been poisoned!

A damaged liver is a very big deal, and any step you can take to protect your liver is a prudent one. In addition, milk thistle also helps the body produce alpha-lipoic-acid, which is seen as the "master antioxidant." In short, whether you have a hangover or not, milk thistle is an exceptional herb and it will improve your overall health.

So how do you find and consume milk thistle? Try finding a green supplement that contains milk thistle in it. 

Hangover Tip Two-Breath Deep and Now Even Deeper

It may seem too simple that deep breathing can help reduce the severity of your headache, but the bottom line is that it works! The reason is that deep breathing gets more oxygen to your brain, and that can help lessen the impact of your hangover.

Hangover Tip Three-Coconut Water

A hangover can hit your body really hard and, in the process, deplete a lot of minerals. Coconut water can be very effective in treating a hangover, as it helps with hydration and replaces electrolytes. In fact, it has more electrolytes than Gatoraide.

A few glasses of coconut water may not be cheap, but what price can you place on having a hangover all day? Coconut water alone will not eliminate your hangover but it is a key part of an overall strategy.

Hangover Tip Four-Bananas

Bananas are high in potassium, and that is very important for when you have a hangover you body needs to replenish its minerals. Consuming bananas and coconut water at the same time will help give your body a real jump on recovery.

Hangover Tip Five-Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Many people have not heard much about juniper berry, but it can be quite effective in helping treat hangovers. Much like milk thistle, juniper berry is a good detoxifier as it helps detox the liver and lymph system of toxins.

Thanks to these five tips you can tackle your hangover head on and get to feeling like yourself in no-time. Keep these other helpful, all-natural ingredients in your kitchen for the next time you have one too many!


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