Bad Breath? Probiotic Supplements Can Help

People do all sorts of things to fight off bad breath. Whether its chewing gum, using mouth wash, brushing one's teeth more than usual, or even avoiding certain foods. People are always looking for ways to keep their breath minty fresh. However, all of these efforts may not be as necessary as one would think. The issue of bad breath may in fact be much more complicated than it seems upon first glance. Research has shown that bad breath might be, at least partially, in your gut! Could it be that what is happening in your gut could be impacting the state of your breath?

A Surprising Way to Treat Bad Breath

A new study has shown that even the very worst case of halitosis or bad breath can be tackled with a surprising ally. Probiotic supplements have long been touted for their ability to improve human health. In recent years, probiotics have received ample attention for their ability to improve digestive health, boost the immunity system, and even reduce inflammation.

Now, in another surprise twist, a new study has concluded that probiotics might just be able to address even the most stubborn cases of halitosis. This intriguing study found that probiotics containing lactobacilli were able to reduce bad breath when compared to a placebo. In other words, rather surprisingly, probiotics can cut down on one's bad breath!

Probiotics Have Diverse Health Benefits

We have lots of reasons to opt for probiotics; and it now appears that we may have another one. Other research has shown that probiotics may play a role in boosting immune strength and that of course means less colds, flus, and maybe even less incidents of disease. Likewise, because probiotics appear to reduce inflammation, they are being studied as a way to treat inflammatory issues such as irritable bowel disease. There is also mounting evidence that probiotic supplementation during pregnancy and in early life may help children reduce their allergies and allergic symptoms; however, more research is needed.

Probiotics and Foods Containing Probiotics

Probiotics have an array of diverse benefits. The fact that combating bad breath can be added to the list of probiotic benefits is certainly exciting for anyone that suffers from bad breath. If you've suffered from bad breath for years and have tried everything, then probiotics are definitely worth investigating. Many experts feel that the benefits of probiotics and foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt and kefir, are such that everyone should be consuming these foods as well as probiotics. Ultimately, probiotics are easy to consume and might just change your health for the better, which definitely makes them a health option worthy of exploration.

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