Can You Use Plants as Air Purifiers?

Most people don't stop to consider the importance of indoor air quality. Yet, this situation is beginning to change. Increasingly, people are discovering the indoor air quality is usually severely more polluted than outdoor air. There are many reasons for this fact. One of the key reasons that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air centers on commonly used modern building materials and also what we have inside our homes. Many products release harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, into the air and will do so for years or even indefinitely. Plus, products made out of plastic, manufactured wood and other objects commonly found in the average home contribute to air pollution. The materials that homes are built with in the first place can also contribute greatly to this problem.

Other factors contributing to air pollution include a lack of proper air flow and ventilation and dirty air ducts. Most people fail to clean their air ducts on a regular basis. Inadequate changing of air filters in heating and cooling systems can also cause poor indoor air quality. In the worst cases, people may even suffer from breathing problems due to low-quality air. If you've noticed difficulty in your breathing, such as chest congestion or dry cough, taking supplements for lung health may help.

While there are many sources of indoor air pollution, the good news is that there are also steps that you can take to make your home's air quality much better. Simply opening up windows can greatly improve your indoor air quality. Another easy step is to use a high-quality filter in your heating and cooling system and have your air ducts cleaned regularly. A third way to combat indoor air pollution comes in the form of plants. The most humble of plants will help clean your air and even release oxygen back into your home. Some plants are better at doing this than others; let's take a closer look.

In general, ivy plants, such as the English ivy are very good for cleaning toxic compounds out of the air. The peace lily can bring peace to your air in that it is exceptionally good at removing an array of harmful compounds such as benzene.

Another excellent plant for helping purify air is the snake plant. Both of these plants come with the added benefit that they are easy to care for and are very robust. The bamboo palm is another option, and many choose the bamboo palm for its attractiveness and air cleaning prowess. The bamboo palm is very low maintenance and a great option for those who want a plant that doesn't require much attention.

The Four Top Air Cleaning Plant Options

"English Ivy
"Peace Lily
"Snake Plant
"Bamboo Palm

Will these four plants do wonders to keep your air clean? Yes!

If you deal with respiratory problems even after trying to put these plants in your home to clean the air, you may benefit from trying vitamins for lung health. 

Follow the recommendations in this article and share your home with these four amazing and amazingly effective plants and you will have cleaner air year round!


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