Five Fabulous Detoxifying Herbs and Spices

Detoxification is the body's natural process of purging potentially harmful impurities or toxins. Certain foods provide fatty acids, fiber, minerals, vitamins or other nutrients that can stimulate this process. Warming herbs and spices are particularly useful when it comes to detox.

By promoting a healthy liver, bowels and urinary tract, warming herbs and spices help to naturally cleanse the body. They also boost function of the lymphatic system and skin, which provides further cleansing potential. Here are five herbs and spices that can boost detoxification. You can also pick up some liquid mineral supplements.

Cayenne Pepper

A rich source of capsaicin, consumption of cayenne pepper heats the body, causing it to sweat. Perspiration is an efficient method of ridding the body of impurities and toxins. Cayenne pepper has also traditionally been consumed to help purify the blood, boost circulation and promote digestion, all of which enhance detox.

Fennel Seed

Fennel seed offers a zesty licorice flavor and is a good source of folate, potassium and anethole, an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits. Because fennel seed is also a rich source of fiber and it has mild diuretic properties, consumption may help boost detoxification.


In addition to easing an upset stomach, ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols and shogaols that encourage healthy digestion and speed detoxification by moving food through the intestines. This reduces the build-up of impurities in the colon, liver and other bodily organs. Ginger is also thought to trigger detoxifying perspiration, boost circulation and prevent blood clots.


Parsley is no longer just an attractive restaurant garnish. This healthy, immune-boosting herb is rich in chlorophyll, which offers powerful anti-inflammatory potential. Due to its diuretic and detoxifying properties, parsley may also help boost kidney and bladder health. This herb makes a great ingredient in soups, salads or green smoothies.


Frequently used in Thai and Indian cuisine, this rich, amber-colored spice is chock full of antioxidants and offers potent anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of turmeric is said to boost circulation, help prevent blood clots, and enhance the production of bile in the liver.

For a great way to reap the detoxifying benefits of all these warming herbs at once, create a zesty seasoning blend for cooking. Add equal parts to a coffee grinder, blender or food processor, and grind to a powder. Store the mixture in an airtight, glass spice jar for up to one year to preserve the volatile, warming oils.

For the best health benefits, season just before cooking is complete. This mixture of spices tastes particularly delicious in crockpot dishes, stir-fries and soups. These herbs can also be taken in the form of supplements available at your local whole foods grocery or through supplement websites online.

Finally, if you?re looking to step up your detoxification, try taking detox supplements. 

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