Lattes to the Rescue

What if it was possible to drink more coffee and enjoy health benefits at the same time? You may have read health stories about how too much coffee is bad for you. It is true that too much of anything can lead to negative outcomes; however, there is very good news for coffee drinkers.

Research on Coffee Drinkers

Recent studies have pointed to a rather amazing conclusion, namely that there is a link between coffee consumption and a lower risk of total mortality and the news gets even better. It is not just one study that is indicating that there is a link between coffee consumption and a lowered risk of mortality but in fact twenty studies. In these twenty studies, there were nearly one million participants (973,904) with 129,538 cases of death. Study areas included Europe, Japan and the United States. Overall, this is impressive news and definitely noteworthy.

While tea, green tea in particular, receives a great deal of attention for its health benefits and has been studied in several hundred tests around the world, coffee is often not seen in a similar light. However, the facts are that coffee does have substantial health benefits, especially when consumed the right way. Coffee has antioxidants. In fact, for many people around the world in developing countries, coffee is the main source of antioxidants.

In fact, many people choose to take antioxidant supplements to help boost their immune system, hence taking steps to combat disease.

What about Heavy Consumption?

Now, before you begin drinking coffee like there is no tomorrow, you should consider a few facts. A 17 year study pointed out the fact that consuming more than 28 cups of coffee a week could reduce, not increase, lifespan. This study involved 43,727 participants, and it showed that younger people in particular should avoid high levels of coffee consumption. So consuming large amounts of coffee may not be such a good thing.

Coffee is very high in caffeine, and too much caffeine can have a negative impact on health. That stated, the overall evidence is that some level of coffee consumption is likely good for one's health and appears to lower the overall risk of death from all causes. The fact that these studies point to the fact that coffee consumption was linked to a decrease in all causes of death borders on the extraordinary.

All of this good news about coffee must be used with a degree of commonsense as well. Black coffee is a much different drink than coffee that has been loaded down with cream, sugar, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, coloring, pesticides and additives, which is how many people commonly consume their coffee. Loading your coffee with harmful compounds will have the exact opposite effect of black coffee and will likely lead to a reduction of lifespan. In other words, some black coffee during the week is good; lots of coffee with added harmful ingredients is not.

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