Recharging Your Body in 5 Days

Is it possible to recharge your body in just five days? 

At first glance, you might think that this isn't realistically possible. However, the fact is you have something helping you make it happen. That something is the amazing power of the human body. The human body is able to make impressive changes and, when given the right nutrients and conditions, the body can make these changes quickly. Just as plant will grow with surprising speed when given the right set of conditions, the same can be stated for the human body.

So what are the necessary conditions to see one's body transform in as little as five days? 

The first is movement and exercise. Medical researchers and scientist have been surprised to learn that even people of rather advanced years, such as in their 80s and 90s, were able to experience impressive physical changes quickly once they began exercising. Your body was designed via millions of years of evolution to respond positively to cardiovascular and strength training.

The first step towards recharging your body is to shift towards more physical activity, and the benefits of doing so are actually shocking. Walking just fifteen minutes a day, for example, can actually build your brain at the same time that it builds your heart and improves the strength of your ligaments and joints.

Another important step you can take to recharge your body in as little as five days is to stop smoking or excessive drinking. Simply stopping these activities will make an immediate change in how you feel and will quickly decrease your risk of dying and developing different diseases.

Just as quitting smoking and drinking can dramatically improve your health, the same can be stated for changing your diet. If you are currently consuming a diet that is largely made up of processed foods, processed meat and junk food, your potential for full body change is immense. Eliminating these foods and making the switch to healthier choices will make you feel much better very quickly. Healthier food choices will mean more energy, less aches and pains and even better sleep.

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Junk food can actually cause inflammation and pain in your body. The reason is that your body has no clue what it should do with chemicals, food colorings and pesticides. As a result, you not only will feel sluggish, but also you will be more prone to gain weight. Switching to healthy foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits will make you feel better and quickly!

If you have been eating a diet that is loaded with junk food and processed foods, you will want to give your body some time to accumulate to a different way of eating. But even in as little as five short days, you will definitely see a significant difference in how you feel and perhaps even in how you look as well.

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