The Benefits of Green Drinks and Five Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

There are good reasons to opt for green drinks. Most people don?t consume enough green vegetables and this comes with health consequences. Green vegetables are simply packed with vitamins, minerals, and have compounds that help fight all kinds of diseases including cancer. Skipping the greens just isn?t an option for those who want to maintain or improve their health. However, there is a big problem in that most of us don?t have the time to get all of the fresh greens that we need. One simple answer is to increase your consumption of green drinks.

Start by using a good blender, key to creating your own healthy green drinks. What are some of the ingredients you should include in your green smoothies? Spinach is always a popular option for green drinks as spinach?s relatively mild taste blends in easily with other foods. Algae, such as spirulina, is another smart pick. Spirulina is packed with nutrition and is recognized as a powerful detoxifier. Another great addition to green drink smoothies is mint. Fresh mint is a real treat, as most people don?t use it very often. Once you start adding fresh mint to your smoothies you will be thrilled by the results. A little fresh mint goes a long way for punching up your smoothies. Now, let?s look at five super easy and tasty green smoothie recipes.

Recipe One

-1 apple
-1 frozen banana
-1 bunch of washed fresh spinach
-A cup of water

Simply blend these four ingredients in the blender for a refreshing green smoothie.

Recipe Two

-4 stalks celery
-3 medium sized carrots
-1 bunch of washed fresh spinach
-1 large frozen banana
-A small handful of mint

You?ll find that this green smoothie is not just tasty but also nutritious and refreshing.

Recipe Three

-A bag of frozen mangos
-1 frozen banana
-1 teaspoon of spirulina
-1 cup of water

This smoothie will be very green thanks to the addition of chlorophyll-rich spirulina. The addition of frozen mangos and bananas gives this tasty little treat a delicious tropical feel.

Recipe Four

-1 bunch of washed fresh spinach
-5 carrots
-2 frozen bananas

While this smoothie is very simple, it is also surprisingly tasty and packed with lots of vitamins A and C. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, then you?ll want to reach for this beautiful little smoothie.

Recipe Five

-A handful of fresh organic strawberries
-A handful of mint
-One bunch of washed fresh spinach
-A bag of frozen peaches
-A teaspoon of spirulina

If you want a super green and delicious smoothie, then this is it! Thanks to the mint, spirulina, green supplements, and spinach, your smoothie will be gloriously green and the addition of strawberries and peaches will give it just the perfect amount of sweetness.

It is best to start with simpler ingredients when you make your own green drinks and smoothies, but in time you can incorporate more vegetables. Eventually vegetables, such as nutrient-rich kale and broccoli, can be worked into your smoothie routine.

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