The Sunshine Miracle

Sunshine, or rather its harmful UV rays, has had some bad press in recent times. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that sunshine is vital for life, health, natural vitamin D and a host of other benefits. We all need a little sunshine in our lives every day, and here's why:

Sunshine Enhances Mood

Have you noticed that a sunny day puts a smile on everyone's faces, especially after gloomy wintry spells? It's not just because we can get outside and enjoy some fresh air; it?s because sunshine increases the hormone serotonin which produces feelings of happiness and positivity.

Another natural chemical that sunshine controls is melatonin, which manages our sleep pattern. The months when the sun is at its weakest and lowest in terms of hours of daylight usually coincide with the months we feel less energized.

Some people are so negatively affected by the lack of sunshine that they suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This can show itself in feelings of tiredness and lethargy which can even lead to depression. Lack of sunshine also has an effect on the immune system, lowering our resistance to colds, influenza and other more serious diseases.

Sunshine Provides Essential Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D has been shown to be the cause of rickets, a disabling disease once common in children who lacked calcium and vitamin D in their diet. Rickets causes a softening of bones to such an extent that the result is bow legs, fractures and permanent bone deformity.

It is so important to support healthy bones and teeth by having plenty of vitamin D in our diet, through supplements and from sunshine. Vitamin D is linked to many other health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes and levels of anxiety. It stimulates the immune system and has untold other positive benefits, and it is absolutely free!

If you live in an area with little sunshine, it?s important to take Vitamin D supplements

How to Get Free Vitamin D for Life!

No one should be deficient in vitamin D, but according to recent studies, 75% of Americans (that's 3 out of 4 people) has a vitamin D deficiency!

A day's supply of vitamin D can be obtained from spending just 15 minutes out in the natural sunlight. Taking a healthy morning stroll with the skin of your arms exposed can be a great way to get your daily vitamin D allowance. Note that your skin should be free of sunscreen to allow it to absorb the sun's rays, although this is not recommended for babies and children who have exceptionally fair skin.

By enjoying a healthy walk for your vitamin D intake you will also get some other free health benefits. Walking regularly helps control your weight and maintain bone health. It provides exercise for your heart, joints and muscles, making sure they remain in good working order.

Finally, a walk in the sunshine is sure to make you feel good. Take in those rays to lift your mood and share a smile or greeting with other walkers to give your vitamin D regimen a social benefit too!

For those days where walking in the sunshine is just not an option, you can take Vitamin D supplements. 

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