What Are The Benefits Of CLA?

What if there was a way to boost weight loss while also improving one's overall health and resistance to disease? It sounds too good to be true, but the facts are that some foods and compounds can achieve just such results. One such compound is the very intriguing and impressive conjugated linoleic acids, also known as CLA.

What Exactly is CLA?
CLA are found in meat and dairy. They are isomers of linoleic acids and have been the subject of some truly fascinating studies. In this article, we will dive in and explore all the different ways that CLA may contribute to human health.

The History of CLA
CLA's story begins in 1979 at the University of Wisconsin where researchers were studying the effects of CLA on mice. Researchers treated mice who had been exposed to a carcinogen with conjugated linoleic acids and discovered a myriad of surprising and unexpected results. The mice who were exposed had 20% fewer tumors than the non-treated mice. Clearly, a 20% reduction in the number of tumors is substantial and merited further exploration.

Health Benefits of CLA
In the years since 1979, the health benefits of conjugated linoleic acids have come into a tighter focus. Here is a list of a few of the ways that CLA can boost one's health and well being.

1) CLA may be a strong anti-cancer agent
2) CLA can lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
3) Works as an anti-inflammatory
4) Since CLA is an anti-inflammatory, it is being explored as a powerful way to treat inflammatory conditions and diseases, such as Crohn's disease. (The ability of CLA to treat Crohn's disease is considered to be nothing short of highly impressive!)
5) CLA appears to increase T cell response
6) CLA can help add with weight loss

Best Sources of CLA
CLA is available in supplement form, but there are many food options as well. It is found in or added to milk and yogurt, for example, but eggs are a particularly rich form of conjugated linoleic acids. Grass fed beef has also been recognized as a surprisingly high level source of CLA.

CLA and Weight Loss
How does CLA impact weight loss? Studies indicate that it has a positive impact on reducing body fat and may also increase muscle mass. Given CLA's numerous other health benefits, the fact that it may also aid in weight loss is a true plus.

However, it is important to note that CLA is not a magic food that allows dieters to eat whatever they wish. It's not as simple as just consuming CLA and losing weight in the process. Dieters can consume CLA to boost their weight loss, but will still need to follow a processed food and junk food free diet if they wish to achieve lasting weight loss results. In short, CLA is not a replacement for a healthy approach to food and a healthy diet.


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