Biofeedback and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be highly damaging to the artery walls of your heart, and this can lead to heart disease and premature death. In short, if you discover that you have high blood pressure, it is essential that you work with a doctor to have your high blood pressure treated properly. Prehypertension and hypertension is becoming increasingly common. According to current estimates, it impacts about 60% of Americans.

Biofeedback is a type of focused mental state where one works to calm the mind. There are various techniques one can learn and even electronic training devices that can serve as guides.

Biofeedback Instead of Drugs

High blood pressure is treated with drugs with great frequency. In many cases, this is exactly what needs to happen. However, if you have blood pressure issues, you should not let the story end there. Instead you should be looking at the underlying causes of your high blood pressure and what you can do to address your high blood pressure and get it under control naturally.

Where does biofeedback fit into this equation? Biofeedback for blood pressure issues makes a great deal of sense. Here is why. Biofeedback has been proven to help reduce stress. Reduced stress levels can equate to lower overall blood pressure and less chance of diseases in general. Frequently, those who practice biofeedback report that they have more energy and feel better as well.

When a person uses biofeedback, he or she gains more access to the way his or her body works. The practitioner can asses breathing, temperature, heart rhythms, muscle activity. These rates are measured at rest and also under stressors.

Clinical trials have shown positive results in the treatment of hypertension. When a person better understands how his or her body reacts to stress, it is possible to reduce blood pressure using techniques like stress management, skeletal muscle activity biofeedback and temperature biofeedback.

Improved Diet and Your Blood Pressure

Obesity and a diet that is high in trans fat and unhealthy food choices can greatly contribute to one's chances of developing many different diseases and medical conditions, including cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease. Exercising, losing weight and making better food choices, such as opting for more fruits and vegetables, will do more than help lower your blood pressure, it may also extend your life!

Ultimately, biofeedback for high blood pressure has a range of important benefits. For example, biofeedback can be used on a permanent basis without any fear of negative side effects. The good news is that biofeedback can be used as a means of managing high blood pressure indefinitely.

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