Lower Cholesterol with Beta-Glucan

Would you believe that there may be a relatively easy way for you to lower your cholesterol? If you have high cholesterol, then it is simply imperative that you lower your cholesterol levels as quickly as possible. Over time, high cholesterol can actually damage your arteries and your heart. Thus, working to lower your cholesterol must be made a priority.

All too often people immediately assume that the only way to address high cholesterol levels is with drugs... and lots of them. In some cases, there is no doubt that drugs designed to lower cholesterol can be an actual lifesaver. Yet, many believe that the medical community is a little too quick to prescribe drugs of all kinds across the board. Moreover, it is important to note that studies have shown that changes to diet and lifestyle can help lower cholesterol levels. While there are often strong genetic aspects to high cholesterol levels, there are also often ways that diet can be used to help those suffering from high cholesterol lower their levels. Let's take a look at how you can use beta-glucan to lower your cholesterol level. As you will see, it is possible to use all natural, and readily available, beta-glucan to lower your cholesterol. Believe it or not, the process can be quite tasty as well!

Where Can You Find Beta-Glucan?

Beta-glucan is found in oats and barley. This is good news, as oats and barley are also nutritious and healthy foods that should already have a place somewhere in your diet. In another piece of good news, these foods are also easy to find, as they are available in almost every grocery store and health food store. Oats and barley are also easy to prepare and make for an excellent, quick and nutritious breakfast in the morning.

The Benefits of Beta-Glucan

In a stroke of additional luck, oatmeal also has heart health benefits as well. Studies have shown that those who consume foods with beta-glucan every day can expect some impressive results, such as a lowering of their LDL cholesterol levels by 7 to 8 points. These studies also showed that HDL levels were not impacted.

So just how much beta-glucan does one need to consume to see these results? Fortunately, not much beta-glucan is needed on a daily basis in order to see a positive change and lowering in one's cholesterol levels. Just three grams of beta-glucan per day can be enough to help foster a change. This translates into just a couple of cups of oatmeal or as little as three cups of oat cereal, such as Cheerios.

If you are dealing with high cholesterol levels, there are many steps that you can take to address the condition. Mother nature has provided an easy and effective way to help you in your fight against high cholesterol, and you can make it part of a nutritious breakfast at the same time. Now that is definitely a piece of good news.

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