Omega Max Gold Benefits

Science has proven again and again that there are substantial and lasting benefits of fish oil. Supplementing your diet with fish oil and eating more fish, such as wild Alaskan salmon, anchovies and sardines, has been shown in studies to be good for heart health and brain health, but this is only the beginning. As it turns out, fish oil has many other benefits worthy of note as well.

At the top of the benefits list is fish oil's anti-inflammation properties. Why does fish oil work so well at combating inflammation? The reason comes down to the fact that fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Now, maybe you've heard discussion about omega 3 fatty acids in the media or even seen it listed and touted in various products. There is a good reason that this compound is so widespread. Omega 3 fatty acids are what gives fish oil that certain "magic" that allows it to assist the body in reducing inflammation. In particular, omega 3 fatty acids can be used to treat inflammation throughout the entire body.

This link between inflammation and fish oil's ability to reduce inflammation is substantial and here is why; inflammation is a component in the spread of many different diseases. This list happens to include cancer. Then there is the issue of aches and pains, as inflammation causes muscle aches throughout the body. Thanks to fish oil, however, it is possible to reduce inflammation.

Of course, it will come as no surprise that not all fish oil is of the same level of quality. Unfortunately, our seas and oceans are not as clean as they once were (or should be) and that comes with consequences. One of those consequences is that fish can be contaminated with heavy metals ranging from lead to mercury. These heavy metals and others can be greatly damaging to human health in a range of ways. It is important to eliminate heavy metals from fish oil where they could otherwise be concentrated. Omega Max Gold keeps the heavy metals out by opting to make its fish oil from anchovies. Since anchovies are low on the food chain, they naturally have much less heavy metal contamination than other fish. This makes them a perfect choice for consumption as a supplement.

There are many fish oils on the market, but what makes Omega Max Gold a real stand out is that it is more than "just" a high-quality fish oil. This is because it is simply packed with other important ingredients, such as BioQPro Coenzyme Q10, resveratrol and astaxanthin. All three of these supplements have been clinically proven to have positive effects on human health. Resveratrol is the "wonder compound" discovered in red wine that may slow the aging process, coenzyme Q10 is a valuable enzyme that our body needs to stay healthy as we age and astaxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant. When combined with the omega-3 of the fish oil in Omega Max Gold, the final product is one of impressive quality. This supplement even contains vitamins B and D as well, helping making it a good all around choice.

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