The Importance of Natural Heart Health

You may already know that heart disease is the #1 killer in the USA today, but did you know that it is responsible for more deaths than the next five causes of death combined? The American Heart Association reports that an estimated 64 million Americans are suffering from cardiovascular disease, which means we can all benefit from making some changes to a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

It is never too early to make natural heart health changes. Once you are diagnosed with heart disease it cannot be reversed. Living a long and healthy life means starting as early as possible with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Lower Cholesterol

By reducing fat in our diet it is possible to significantly lower cholesterol levels, a significant factor that will reduce the plaque build up which narrows the arteries causing heart failure. Choose lean meat, fat-free milk and low fat spreads along with light salad dressing. These little changes will soon hardly be noticed taste-wise but they will make an impact on your cholesterol levels, gradually lowering your risk of heart disease and maintaining heart health naturally.

Maintain Blood Pressure

The optimum blood pressure is 120 over 80. It is very easy to find blood pressure monitors in pharmacies and supermarkets where you can check your blood pressure. A healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping weight within normal parameters are usually sufficient for maintaining healthy blood pressure readings. If you need more help take Natto BP Plus, a natural heart health remedy, and you may notice the difference within weeks with improved cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Beta sitosterol is an important part of natural heart health as it helps to stop the absorption of cholesterol into the body. It is found in soy beans, wheat germ and corn oil and can also be taken as a daily supplement in tablet form.

Fish Oil

Omega oils are essential for a healthy heart and some nutritionists recommend that if you only take one daily supplement it should be fish oil. It has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides that all help provide natural heart health. At the same time Omega-3 fatty acids increase HDL levels of cholesterol and generally lower the risk of death due to cardiac arrest (heart attack).

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Reduce Stress

Stress, although intangible, has a serious effect upon heart health but research shows that meditation can significantly reduce stress. Relaxation and meditation are the best ways to reduce insulin resistance, lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart rate naturally.

Lower Sodium Intake

Finally, lowering sodium levels will benefit your health significantly by reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. Gradually reduce your intake of salt by not adding it to cooking and keep it off the dining table. By steaming vegetables rather than cooking then in salt water, the enhanced flavor negates the need to add salt for taste.

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