Another Plus for Coffee

Coffee is one of the world's most consumed beverages. Only tea and water surpass coffee's considerable popularity. Over the years, many people have come to believe that coffee is a poor health choice, but whether or not coffee is a health plus depends on many factors. Consumed the right way, coffee can be of great benefit and can even help with natural weight loss.

Coffee Can Reduce Inflammation and Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Recent studies have shown that coffee consumption works to reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity, especially for those who are obese and consuming a high fat diet. In this way, coffee has a potentially powerful protective factor. The same study points to the fact that coffee may be useful in helping to prevent type 2 diabetes. The science behind coffee's benefitMcoffee intake mitigates insulin resistance by decreasing overall glucose levels. Additionally, it also appears to work as an anti-inflammatory.

Many of the best supplements for weight loss include green coffee bean extract, like MeraSlim. Mera-Slim's proprietary healthy weight loss formula is clinically proven to reduce body weight plus shrink waist and hip circumference when combined with diet and exercise.

Are You Drinking Your Cup of Joe the Right Way?

This is all very good news for coffee drinkers, but there is of course a "but." The health benefits of coffee can easily be negated by drinking coffee the wrong way, as there is a "wrong" way to drink coffee. Coffee loaded down with sugar or artificial sweeteners is a common approach to drinking coffee and it will harm your health. Sugar has been shown to damage DNA and it is also empty calories. Artificial sweeteners are dangerous and have been linked to various health problems including a range of cancers; these substances should be avoided in your coffee and elsewhere.

Skip the Cream

Adding creamer and non-dairy creamer to coffee increases the calories in a cup of coffee. There are different non-dairy creamers on the market but most contain artificial compounds and ingredients that you just don't need.

Skip the French Roast Too

Another health concern with coffee consumption is the type of coffee you drink. French roast coffee, for example, is popular but it is in fact a low-grade form of coffee and other options are much better. Organic coffee is preferable to non-organic coffee because it is free of pesticides.

Prepackaged Coffees are Not Your Best Option

Prepackaged coffees may contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and additives. Getting the most out of your coffee means you have to grind the beans yourself and brew your own cup.

Straight Black Coffee is Loaded with Health Benefits

The evidence is mounting that coffee is great for your health, as it may help fight cancer and boost the immune system. That stated, how you consume coffee can make a tremendous difference in the benefits you receive. In other words, not all coffee is created equal. One cup of coffee is not the same as another.

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