Indian Herb Heals Skin Issues

It is not a coincidence that neem has been widely used across India for generations. The health benefits of neem have been well established, but many people are completely unfamiliar with this Indian herb. Neem is seen by some as little more than a weed, but it is a key herb in Ayurvedic medicine. In India, it is seen as having the ability to treat a variety of aliments and conditions. While neem is touted for it's ability to treat everything from the liver to detoxify the blood, this herb also receives considerable attention for the ability to treat a surprisingly wide array of skin conditions.

Neem-The Herb That Fights Acne, Pimples and More!

Whether its acne and pimples or dandruff, neem can come to the rescue. In fact, neem may even be able to tackle one of the toughest of all skin and hair problems in the form of prematurely graying hair. There is some evidence that neem might be able to protect against this common issue. Neem may also play a role in protecting gum health. In short, neem is an exciting herb as it may contribute to protecting and healing not just skin, but hair and even the gums.

Great for Dry Skin and Dry Scalp

What skin issues can neem specifically address? In addition to acne and pimples, neem can also help sooth irritated skin, dry skin and dry scalp. Neem oil is used to treat these conditions and appears to work very effectively.

Neem and Potential Toxicity

It should be noted that while neem is safe, there have been reports of toxicity. Using too much neem can lead to toxicity issues as it can eventually harm both the kidneys and liver. The most prudent course of action with neem and neem oil is to side with caution and use it in moderation. Those who are pregnant, trying to conceive and children should not use neem, as it has been connected to miscarriages and infertility issues.

Neem is Promising, But More Studies Are Needed

Herbs that can contribute to human health in such a wide spectrum of ways are rare, and this is why so many people are interested in neem and feel that it warrants further study. The traditional uses of neem are such that there are reasons to be excited; however, medical studies backing up the health promoting benefits of neem are definitely needed. At this stage, this research is somewhat lacking.

There is no doubting that neem works and can heal a range of skin and scalp issues. Some of the bolder calms regarding neem have yet to be confirmed, but there is, however, much reason for optimism regarding the potential of this ancient herb.


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