Boost Vitamin D Deliciously with Vitamin D Supplements

Research into vitamin D has led to some amazing conclusions. As it turns out, vitamin D is one of the single most significant contributors to human health. What exactly is it that makes vitamin D such a superstar? Beyond building strong bones and teeth, vitamin D plays an important role in boosting immunity, heart health, and more. Many people choose to take Vitamin D supplements to support overall health.

Vitamin D Booster One - Sunlight

Your body can only synthesize one vitamin: vitamin D. The process of converting sunlight into vitamin D is one of nature?s more impressive tricks. The easiest way to increase your levels of vitamin D is to spend more time in the sun, yet sunlight isn?t the only way to get it. People are spending more time indoors than in any other time in history and this means it is important to think about the foods you can eat that will help to boost your vitamin D levels. Let?s take a closer look at some of the best vitamin D boosters you can add to your diet.

Vitamin D Booster Two-Cold Water Fish

Cold water fish are high in vitamin D and much more. Fish such as wild caught salmon and sardines are not just high in vitamin D, but also in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to boost heart and brain health and reduce inflammation. Sardines are a particularly good choice as they are very high in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and because they are lower on the food chain, they have less contaminants such as heavy metals.

Vitamin D Booster Three-Egg Yolks

In general, eggs have received an undeservedly bad reputation; however, this is changing. Today scientists, doctors, and nutritionists are directing people back to eggs. Eggs have plenty of vitamin D and are nutritional powerhouses. Egg yolks are now seen as being a great addition to one?s diet in moderation.

Vitamin D Booster Four-Greek Yogurt

Yogurt has plenty of nutritional benefits. Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can boost immunity, it?s high in calcium, and Greek yogurt is also high in vitamin D. Greek yogurt has a unique texture and taste that makes it a versatile treat.

Vitamin D Booster Five-Mushrooms

Many people are surprised to learn that mushrooms are high in vitamin D, but the news gets even better. It is not necessary to buy expensive or exotic mushrooms to enjoy the benefits that mushrooms have to offer. Your ?garden variety? button mushrooms (or white mushrooms) offer plenty of nutrition, including lots of vitamin D. In addition, these tiny little nutritional superstars have many anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

These five vitamin D boosters when used together will help ensure that you get enough vitamin D year round. Finally, Remember that while sunlight exposure will provide you with vitamin D, you still may not be getting enough, especially during the winter months. A simple blood test at your doctor?s office will let you know your vitamin D level.

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