Cell Phones and Cancer

Tremendous breakthroughs have been made in cancer research in just the last few years. While cancer still afflicts millions, the rates of those surviving from the disease go up every year. Exciting possibilities for treatments, cures and even vaccines populate the news with new discoveries coming at a faster and faster pace.

Many people wish to believe that there is nothing to worry about where cell phone radiation and cancer is concerned. A large percentage of the population is literally addicted to smart phones, cellular communication and all the convenience that comes along with them, but there is a very large "however." The studies are mounting which indicate that perhaps we should even be very worried. Unfortunately, the notion that cell phones are completely safe and could not possibly cause harmful diseases such as cancer is increasingly looking more and more like fantasy. Scientists have also found evidence that EMF fields, in general, have toxic effects on people.

While there is a good deal of confusion on this topic, the World Health Organization has weighed in on the topic of cell phones and cancer, and has made many, many people very unhappy. The World Health Organization issues a report stating that based upon the bulk of reputable, published studies to date, that cell phone use should be seen as a possible cancer risk. Of course, this doesn't mean that they are stating that cell phones do cause cancer, but the World Health Organization's assessment is that cell phones do potentially increase the risk of cancer based upon the bulk of studies conducted to date.

Many studies have smartly focused on the potential impact of cell phone use on children. Once again, there hasn't been a universal conclusion reached or any conclusive studies. However, given the stakes, namely potential cancer in children, the smart move is to severely limit or even completely restrict children from using cell phones. Until more studies have been conducted, it is only logical to keep children away from cell phones as much as possible. After all, given the potential consequences alone are enough to justify restricting cell phone use in children.

So does this mean that you should part with your smart phone for the good of your brain? There are far more studies stating that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to worry about where cell phone radiation is concerned and that is that, right? Not exactly, even one study from a reputable source would be enough to make any sensible person reduce their use of their cell phone or smart phone. The fact is that there have been dozens of studies, not one or two, that state that cell phone radiation is worrisome.

The good news is that with a little research, you can find cell phones that have lower levels of radiation. These phones work normally and should be sufficient to suit most people's needs. People may want to consider buying these low radiation phones to exercise a degree of caution.

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