Dig in the Earth

Anyone who's ever done any serious gardening knows that it's a way to get a healthy workout. Maintaining physical fitness can seem like a chore to many people, but if you like gardening, digging around in the earth a bit can provide significant health benefits. Should you get out there and do a little gardening of your own? The evidence is mounting that gardening can help your health in a big way.

One of the reasons that gardening is beneficial is that it allows you to get more vitamin D from the sun. Research has shown that vitamin D is essential for everything from boosting immunity to increasing bone strength. Also, a dose of sunlight has been shown to improve mood. If you want even more Vitamin D than what you're able to get out of the sun, try adding supplements to your diet. 

Could digging around in the soil improve mood and boost immunity? Studies have shown that exposure to bacteria in dirt can play a role in improving one's health.

Many gardening activities also provide ample physical exercise. Low to moderate intensity gardening can build both cardiovascular endurance and muscle; after all, dirt and rocks can be quite heavy. As all experienced gardeners know, gardening is tougher than it looks. Gardening requires a great deal of lifting and bending, and unlike using free weights or weight machines, many gardening activities require the use of all the large muscle groups at the same time. In this way, gardening can function as an effective whole body workout!

There is yet another way that gardening can improve your health. By planting and eating delicious and freshly-grown produce, you can give your overall health a true boost. Growing your own herbs, such as basil and oregano, does more than add flavor to salads. These exceptional herbs, and many others, provide a significant does of nutrition and disease fighting compounds. Additionally, fresh fruits and vegetables have more nutrition than those in stores that have been picked days or even weeks earlier. In short, there is no beating fresh produce and the freshest possible, of course, comes from your own garden. This added gardening health benefit is tough to beat!

No doubt there are many options when it comes to getting physically fit, but few of those options provide the full array of benefits that come along with gardening. Gardening will help you get more vitamin D, improve your diet, build muscle strength, and may even boost your mood, thanks to the beneficial bacteria found in soil. Be sure to use organic soil, and skip the pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Your garden will be healthy and productive and may even reduce your food bill at the same time. Overall, gardening is a winner in every way!

Don't have time to garden every day but still want a healthy dose of Vitamin D? 

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