Seven Healing Herbs

Long before the development of modern medicine and drugs there were spices and herbs. For generations the benefits of spices and herbs were obvious, and people who used them for everything from preserving food to improving and protecting health. Luckily, we can still take advantage of these ancient spices and herbs to improve our own health. While there are many wonderful herbs to choose from, this article will focus on seven beneficial options. Look for all natural health supplements with these seven healing herbs in them next time you're shopping for natural health products.

Healing Herb #1: Oregano

When it comes to healthy herbs, oregano definitely earns a place near the top of the list. Scientific studies have shown that oregano can boost the immunity system as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Consuming oregano may just help you prevent the common cold and a range of other illnesses.

Healing Herb #2: Cilantro

Cilantro is a unique and powerful herb. Cilantro has the ability to bind and remove heavy metals from the body. If you are worried about heavy metal exposure in the form of mercury, lead and other metals then cilantro should be a mainstay in your diet.

Healing Herb #3: Rosemary

Like oregano and cilantro, rosemary is quite impressive. Rosemary is loaded with antioxidants and has anticancer properties. There are lots of ways to increase your body's defenses against cancer and rosemary is one of the best options.

Healing Herb #4: Basil

Basil is another herbal superstar. What makes basil so impressive? Not only is basil rich in vitamins and minerals, but it also has antibacterial properties and works as an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Healing Herb #5: Parsley

People tend to overlook parsley, but nutrient-dense parsley has much to offer. Parsley for example can help keep bladder infections and other infections at bay. It's full of Vitamin C, B 12, K and A, keeps your immune system strong and helps flush out excess fluid from the body, thus supporting kidney function. These are just a few reason why parsley is often found as an ingredient in green supplements. 

Healing Herb #6: Peppermint

Peppermint is well known for its ability to aid with digestion, but peppermint does much more. Peppermint can help fight bacteria as well as viruses. Additionally, peppermint tea is easy to drink and widely available, which means that this herb is easy to include in a healthy lifestyle.

Healing Herb #7: Stevia

Last on our list is stevia. Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that when used in moderation is an excellent alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Studies have shown that sugar causes DNA damage and artificial sweeteners have been linked to numerous diseases and cancers. Switching to stevia is an easy and tasty way to boost your overall health.

Thanks to these seven easy-to-find and use herbs it is possible to enhance your health and your body's defenses. Best of all, these seven herbs are a real taste treat!

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