The Benefits of Maca

Maca is a relatively new discovery in the world of natural health yet it has been prized by the ancient Inca warriors of Peru for hundreds of years. It is a tuberous root vegetable which grows high in the Andes and is rich in over 31 different vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, adaptogenic compounds and anti-oxidants.

Many years ago Peruvian farmers noticed that when their livestock grazed in areas where maca root was found, the animals were noticeably healthier, stronger and more fertile. Maca was known to have been taken by ancient Inca warriors to prepare for war. With properties ranging from improved stamina and energy to improved healing it was an all-round beneficial food for them to take.

How can I take Maca?

Maca can be taken in different forms. Some people prefer the raw maca powder that has been milled and freeze dried shortly after picking to preserve all its essential qualities. Others prefer the gelatinized powder which is said to be more potent, more concentrated and easier to digest. However, gelatinized powder has subjected the maca to high temperatures which may destroy some of its properties. Either form of maca can be purchased in maca powder capsules. The loose powder can be sprinkled on soups, cereals, smoothies and desserts and adds a mild nutty flavor.

The Many Benefits of Taking Maca

It is claimed that Maca has a number of beneficial properties that reduces hormonal imbalances, increases energy levels and stamina, improves memory, increases fertility and supports healthy bones, teeth and skin. It has been found to have many healing properties and reduce stress. It also aids the natural production of melatonin, which in turn improves sleep. In short, Maca is a true super food.

For men, maca has been found to improve sexual performance and libido. For women it is said to improve the ability to reproduce. It may aid with the menstrual cycle by easing menstrual cramps, improving mood swings, and help lessen the symptoms of menopause. It is being used as a substitute for hormone replacement therapy by helping to balance hormone production and estrogen levels. And we can all do with a little extra energy and endurance!

Side Effects

This powerful natural super food is high in iodine so those with thyroid problems should consult their doctor as too much iodine can affect the symptoms of thyroid disease. Some people have found Maca causes stomach problems, but taking the gelatinized form usually overcomes this. As with all powerful medicinal plants, you should consult a doctor before taking maca if you are on any form of medication. Otherwise, take maca as directed and notice the improved sense of well being and other benefits from this amazing nutritional super food which is packed with natural vitamins and minerals.

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