Vitamins for Men -The Importance

It usually takes a landmark birthday or even failing health for men to consider taking a long, hard look at their lifestyle. In particular men under the age of 50 need to eat more dark green vegetables and fruit to meet the federal guidelines for a healthy diet. In fact the average man's diet lacks nutrition in all areas except meat and beans! One simple and easy change which can make a dramatic difference to health is introducing men's vitamins as a daily supplement.

Taking a multivitamin is a good start, but it is not a magic elixir of life. What a multivitamin will do is offset any deficiencies, particularly in trace minerals and vitamins. However a daily supplement is what it says a supplement not a substitute for fruit, vegetables, vitamins and other dietary essentials.

It is advisable for men to take one of the formulas of men's vitamins which have been specifically prepared for their needs. Men do not need some of the iron supplements which women need during their child-bearing years. However, they do need calcium to counter osteoporosis and other diseases. Although osteoporosis is considered a women's disease, especially after menopause, men are still at risk. Lack of vitamin D in men's diets is common. This vitamin helps the body absorb the calcium which it receives in food and supplements. All these can be found in a balanced daily multivitamin for men.

Men with an attitude of "more must be better" should take note that often that is not the case with men's vitamins. In some cases taking more of a vitamin than the body needs may mean it simply passes unused through the body. However in some cases an excess of a vitamin can be harmful as the body simply cannot cope with the excess. The beauty of a multivitamin supplement formulated specifically for men means that everything is in the correct balance. Simply take the recommended dose every day and rest assured that you have exactly what your body needs in the correct balance to top up a healthy diet and lifestyle.

As men age they may also encounter common urinary problems with an enlarged prostate. Once again an all-natural formula can help relieve the symptoms and improve the quality of life. Products such as ProstaEz, a formula of all-natural ingredients can inhibit or block the production of DHT which is a common cause of frequent bathroom visits. It contains saw palmetto extract and beta-sitosterol, both proven in tests to be effective against the effects of an enlarged prostate while having fewer side effects than prescription drugs.

Along with a healthy diet, men's vitamins should help reduce the risk of disease and maintain a good level of health and fitness in a very cheap and effective way every day.

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