A Secret to Kick-Starting Weight Loss

By: Dr. Christine Horner

Happy New Year!
Yes, all that celebrating with family and friends was lots of fun. But, chances are the festivities also gave you something you didn't want grrr, extra pounds. If so, losing that extra weight is no doubt near the top of your New Year's resolutions. Before you start psyching yourself for all the discipline you will need for a calorie restricting diet and lots of exercise here's a great tip to kick-start your weight loss: Start with a detox.

Why Detox
Your body accumulates and stores hundreds of toxins from the environment and the foods you eat. You also acquire impurities from the waste products that are created by normal cellular metabolism. These toxins clog the channels in your body according to Ayurveda, which prevents your body from functioning well. In fact, clogged channels are considered one of the main sources of disease because they lead to imbalances and obstruct the flow of your body's inner healing intelligence. They also cause you to gain weight and make it more difficult to lose it. That's why the most important first step to shedding unwanted pounds and restoring health is clearing the channels of toxins through detoxification.

Toxins Love Fat
The toxins that tend to stay in your body are "lipid-soluble" meaning they have an affinity for fat. Lipid-soluble toxins concentrate and store in your fat cells. When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink in size, and the toxins come out. Sometimes the toxins come out so fast, they can cause undesirable symptoms. For instance, high amounts of circulating toxins may cause you to feel cranky, sluggish, or sad. They can also cause your skin to breakout with pimples or rashes. Detoxing as you go can help to minimize or prevent these unwelcome effects.

A Simple Start
The most powerful way to remove toxins is to go to a medically supervised detoxification clinic, such as one that provides the Ayurvedic program called panchakarma. But for most of us, our schedule and pocket books won't allow that. Don't despair there are simple and inexpensive ways to detoxify at home.

Because your body naturally detoxifies itself, you can work with that natural ability without having to go anywhere or do anything exotic, time consuming, or expensive. Simply stop pouring in the toxins, drink plenty of pure clean water, and get some exercise as easy as fast-paced walking will do the trick. Avoid alcohol, sugar, chocolate, cold foods, meat, drugs, cigarettes, and canned, preserved and/or processed foods. Fill your plate instead with fresh organically grown vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

The Power of Juice
Fresh vegetable-based juices are wonderful to consume daily and are an excellent and easy way to stimulate the detoxification process. You can use a juicer or try a blender, such as the Vitamix and Nutribullet, which requires less time and clean up. Simply put some vegetables in the blender, push the button, and watch them magically turn into juice. Another plus with this approach is that it contains all the fiber in the whole vegetables, which is normally lost in juicing.

Supplemental Concentrates
If you know making fresh juice will never be a part of your routine" that's okay. A powdered concentrated green drink  is a super simple solution. It delivers an impressive amount of nutrients, encourages your body to become more alkaline, releases toxins, and helps you to feel more energized. All you need to do is mix a scoop with water and shake it up. Yes, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is best for your nutrition. However, if you can't get yourself to consume enough of these plants every day, research does support the benefits of fruit and vegetable supplemental concentrates. Numerous studies have shown that powdered concentrates increase serum antioxidants especially carotenoids, and reduce inflammation.

Flushing Toxins Out with Herbs
Your liver, kidneys, colon, and skin are the primary organs involved in the breakdown and release of toxins. There are a variety of herbs you can take that research shows helps to support the function of each of these organs. Your liver is the first site where toxins are processed. Milk thistle, dandelion root, and turmeric improve liver enzymes and the flow of bile. After the toxins are processed in the liver, they are transported to the colon for elimination. You can help move the toxins out of your colon by eating a diet that is high in fiber (only found in plants) and taking a few colon-cleaning herbs such as licorice root, psyllium seed, alfalfa, yucca root, violet leaf, cascara sagrada, and marshmallow root. To help your kidneys flush out toxins, try herbs such as parsley, horsetail, uva ursa, and nettles. If you would prefer, you can work with a knowledgeable herbalist to determine which herbs may be best for you. Heat treatments are another great way to speed up the release of toxins. Just twenty minutes in a dry or infrared sauna several times a week can make a big difference.

Detoxify Regularly
For optimum health, you should follow a detoxification program for at least a few days to a week, two or three times a year. Think of it this way machines like your car need regular cleaning and maintenance to continue performing well, and so do you. There's nothing that boosts your weight loss, health and beauty quite like a week or two of a good detoxification program. It's a quick and very effective way to also achieve a better state of balance, enhance your inner healing intelligence, and charge your enthusiasm for life!

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