3 Steps to Fend Off Snacking

If you are trying to lose weight, get healthy or both, then too much snacking,especially the wrong kind of snacking, is not your friend! You might be thinking, "What is the problem with a little snacking?" One of the big problems with snacking is that far too many of us choose junk food that is high in calories, chemicals, artificial ingredients, sodium and DNA damaging sugar. In short, most "snack foods" are something that any dieter or person looking to be healthy will want to avoid. There are, however, steps that you can take to keep snacking from wrecking your health and weight loss goals.

Step One-Keep Healthy Snack Food Available

Perhaps the greatest single step you can take to ensure that you don't snack too often is to eat a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In this way, your body is receiving the nutrition that it needs; this dramatically cuts down on cravings. Green supplements and fruit powders are excellent products to help curb the urge to snack between meals. You can purchase both of these superfood supplements online.

The next step is to have healthy snacks on hand. Foods, such as nuts and seeds, may be high in calories, but they are packed with nutrition and healthy fats. Nuts and seeds are also very satisfying, and you'll feel less like snacking when you consume them.

Step Two-Chia Seeds Are Your Friends

If you are not yet familiar with chia seeds, then you'll love what they can offer. Chia seeds, since they are seeds, are nutrient dense and high in omegas, but they offer even more. Chia seeds are high in soluble fiber and will help you feel full often for hours. Plus, they are high in omega 3 fatty acids, manganese, phosphorus and protein. According to research by the Cleveland Clinic, they even can improve blood pressure in diabetics.

How should you consume chia seeds? Chia seeds don't have a strong taste and, as a result, they can be put in almost anything at all. Chia seeds work very well in shakes, breakfast cereal, yogurt and kefir and many other dishes. A clever way to use chia seeds, and one dieters will love, is to simply add two tablespoons to a glass of water, stir and let the chia seeds sit for about two minutes. This easy step will help you feel full for quite some time.

Step Three-Watch Out for Cravings and Take Proactive Steps to Curb Them!

Cravings are absolutely not a way of life. There is nothing that says that you must access cravings as a part of life. If you do feel cravings coming on, then it is time to take action. Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrition and like chia seeds, lots of fiber. For example, an entire bag of frozen berries only has about 100 calories on average, but will definitely help you feel full and curb your cravings. Beyond frozen fruit, try making a green drink each morning to make sure you're getting enough fruits and veggies each day. Got a sweet tooth? Mix up a delicious and nutritious fruit powder drink to keep you away from the candy bars. The real trick is to keep your cravings from becoming too intense as this can lead to consuming junk food!

Following these three steps will help you fend off snacking and less snacking means more weight loss and a healthier you. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and particularly chia seeds are extremely useful for helping you keep cravings at bay.


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