5 Tricks to Suppress Your Appetite

Do you know the 5 Foods that can help suppress your appetite?

If you are struggling to lose weight, you may be dismayed to suddenly find yourself developing cravings. For anyone trying to eat less, this sudden irresistible desire for sugar, or food in general, can quickly undo even the firmest resolve. Fortunately nature has the answer. By understanding first what causes the cravings, you can then use these five foods as your battle-ready defense against them.

What Causes Cravings?

Hormones are messengers that the body produces to influence how we feel and what we need. The hormone "ghrelin" is the body's response to an empty stomach and its nagging presence in the form of cravings can quickly cause you to break your diet.

The answer is to never let your stomach be empty. By eating wholesome foods that are slow to digest and metabolize, you can keep the "ghrelin gremlins" at bay and not allow them to sabotage your weight loss progress. So what sort of foods should you be filling up with? Here are five of the most effective:


Apples are one of the best snacks for dieters and they also help prevent type 2 diabetes. Fibrous pectin in apples reduces the amount of sugar and calories that you absorb after a meal It prevents blood sugars from spiking after eating something sugary, then plummeting once insulin has flooded into the bloodstream to counter it. By helping to avoid those highs and lows, apples are a great tool for fighting cravings. Eat an apple before or after a meal to stay feeling full and to keep blood sugars stable.

Wheat or Rice Bran

Fiber is a dieter's best friend as it fills the stomach yet has zero calories. Wheat bran is one of the best sources of fiber as it absorbs water in the stomach to give a feeling of fullness. Eat it for breakfast by adding it to shakes or cereal but remember to drink plenty of water. Bran is also an excellent cure for constipation another hazard for dieters.

Green Tea

How about fighting ghrelin with another hormone: cholecystokinin (CCK)? This is triggered by the phytonutrient epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is found in green tea. This phytonutrient stimulates the body's metabolism so you not only quench hunger cravings, you burn more calories. Drinking green tea daily can help your body to burn fat rather than storing it, as well as lowering cravings and changing how your body metabolizes food. Drink green tea throughout the day to keep those gremlins firmly under control!

Red Wine Vinegar

When red wine ferments it becomes red wine vinegar a useful source of acetic acid which slows down the digestive process and counters cravings. It improves the digestion, helps prevent sugar spikes and contains beneficial resveratrol. Add one tablespoon of red wine vinegar to sparkling water as a refreshing drink, or to accompany a meal.

Pine Nuts

If you are hankering for fat, then nibble on pine nuts. They are full of omega-6 fatty acids which release the hormones that make us feel full. This type of fat can actually aid weight loss and reduce food intake by working as an appetite suppressant. Pine nuts make a great snack when eaten in moderation and are a versatile ingredient to use in pesto and salads.

Put these five ingredients on your shopping list and know that they are going to help you beat those cravings for sure!



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