Detox Maximizes Your Chances For Successful Weight Loss

Most people have high expectations of vibrant energy when they make the healthy decision to lose weight. But because excess toxins are stored in body fat, some people may experience fatigue or gastrointestinal distress as they begin to drop pounds and the toxins are released. This can be discouraging and make it difficult to stay motivated to lose weight.

That is why holistic practitioners recommend that you "detox" before going on a diet in order to cleanse your colon and eliminate harmful toxins. Although it has received a lot of attention in recent years, detoxification is actually a centuries-old concept that has been embraced by natural healers in many cultures for hundreds of years. Herbal colon cleanses, sweat lodges, periodic fasting, salt scrubs and other detox methods date back to biblical times.

One of the primary advantages of detoxification is that it gives you a "fresh start" as you begin to lose weight. Once toxins are flushed from your body you are likely to feel energized and renewed, making it much easier to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. When you detox and then remove fatty and acidic foods from your daily diet, your body will reward you with increased stamina and mental clarity.

Milk thistle (also known as Silybum Marinanum) can play an important role in detox and in your weight loss program. It is actually a member of the daisy family (the same family as chamomile, dandelion and Echinacea) and is grown in the Middle East, North Africa and in some of the warmer regions of Europe. Its name comes from the fact that the leaves contain a milky sap inside. Recent research confirms that the extract from milk thistle seeds, called silymarin, has powerful detox capabilities. Nutritional supplements containing silymarin extract are available through natural health stores.

When you begin a weight loss plan it is important to arm yourself with every tool for success. Talk to your holistic practitioner about the detox method that best suits your needs.

Even if you are not on a diet, a detox supplement like milk thistle can still have positive effects on your health. Our bodies are constantly assaulted by toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink and many of the foods we eat. Preservatives, chemicals and tainted soil affect the quality of everything we ingest. Over time, these toxins accumulate in the body and jeopardize health. Consider adding milk thistle or another detox supplement to your daily routine to support healthy weight loss and ensure vibrant health.

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