Detoxify Your Body To Accelerate Weight Loss

Our bodies are constantly bombarded by toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink and many of the foods we eat. Preservatives, chemicals and tainted soil affect the quality of everything we ingest. Over time, toxic substances accumulate in the body. The liver recognizes them as dangerous and increases body fat in order to entrap them.

There are five pathways used to eliminate toxins - colon, kidneys, skin, lungs and lymphatic system. As we age, our bodies become so submerged by toxins that we are unable to completely eliminate them. Since body fat is where impurities are stored, people with large amounts of body fat tend to have high levels of toxins. Excess toxins create an acidic environment in the body that stresses the filters and regulating systems. When that happens our bodies become vulnerable to a host of maladies including obesity, premature aging, low energy levels, chronic disease and even death.

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In recent years, green superfoods have gained popularity for their ability to detoxify the body and restore a healthy balance. Green superfoods are nutrient rich and are derived from green plants, algae and cereal grasses. These foods are rich in chlorophyll and they feature potent concentrations of digestible vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other beneficial substances.

As energy levels improve we ditch the sedentary lifestyle and get moving to burn fat and build muscle. The ideal detoxifying weight loss plan incorporates green superfoods, a low-fat diet, exercise, hydration and adequate sleep. Minor lifestyle changes translate into major results that lead to a long, active life. People who choose organic foods are less likely to be exposed to toxins from the foods they eat. Organic food tends to be fresher and it is grown in healthy chemical-free soils.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who are overweight, talk to your holistic practitioner about green superfoods and give your body the edge it needs to eliminate the toxins that are lurking in excess body fat. Then prepare yourself for the complements you will be receiving from friends and family who notice your leaner body, glowing skin and can-do attitude. 

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