How Green Tea Boosts Metabolism

A recent study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that green tea consumption significantly increases metabolism, which is great news for dieters and those who are trying to lose weight. The Chinese love green tea; it has been a part of their diet and culture for thousands of years. They are also among the slimmest people in the world. These clinical findings now show that not only is green tea full of powerful antioxidants and has excellent medicinal and healing properties, it also boosts metabolism by up to 5%.

There are several ways that green tea works on the metabolic rate. Rich in polyphenols and catechins, it flushes toxins out of the digestive tract. Without this cleansing process, the buildup of chemicals and toxins makes the body sluggish and slows down the metabolism. By ridding the body of these problems, it allows you to burn fat quicker, losing more weight slowly but surely.

Green tea also lowers the appetite, allowing you to feel fuller while eating slightly fewer calories. Sipping green tea after a meal slows down production of the hormone insulin into the blood stream. Insulin resistance is a big cause of being overweight as once sugars have been neutralized, the insulin circulating in the bloodstream demands more sugar and the cravings and feelings of hunger are hard to resist. Sipping green tea is a good way to avoid those sweet cravings.

Green Tea Plus EGCG
There are various known compounds that help us lose weight by naturally increasing the resting metabolic rate (RMR). One such product is caffeine. Now a similar product called Epigallocatechin Gallate, EGCG for short, has been discovered. It has been shown to increase energy expenditure by increasing the body's metabolism by 3-5%. This polyphenol antioxidant is another ingredient found in green tea. It works together with the caffeine to increase thermogenesis, the process when calories are converted into heat rather than being stored as fat.

EGCG in green tea also helps regulate blood sugar levels by slowing insulin response after meals which may otherwise spike. Sipping green tea generally slows down the turning of calories to fat after a meal. The combination of caffeine and EGCG working together in green tea has proven very effective for anyone trying to lose weight.

Green tea is available in tea bags, powder or capsule form. It can be drunk hot or iced. Drinking two to five cups can help you burn an estimated 78 more calories every day, bringing you closer to your desired weight. The study showed that drinking green tea with a meal had the most positive metabolism-boosting effects.

Even if you really do not like the taste of green tea at first, it is well worth persevering. As well as being an effective metabolic booster, it improves LDL cholesterol levels and naturally improves the complexion. Just picture yourself slimmer, glowing with health and sipping green tea regularly will not be half as bad as you first imagined!


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