How Green Tea Extract May Help to Lower Body Weight

As the name indicates, green tea extract is derived from green tea leaves. The bottom line on green tea extract is that it is very powerful and is a wonderful contributor to overall health. Green tea extract, much like green tea, is loaded with antioxidants and other health promoting compounds. Green tea and green tea extract have been found to help the body resist cancer and may even boost the immune system. In short, there are many good reasons to take green tea extract, especially for those who are looking to lose weight.

A great deal of research has been done on green tea extract, and the findings have been quite impressive. The findings have included that green tea extract may not only fight cancer cells, but also may act as an anti-inflammatory. Studies have also found that the polyphenols in green tea, which include EGCG, EGC, and EC, act as an antioxidant.

So where does green tea extract and weight loss come in? Recent studies indicate that green tea extract may both keep weight from being gained in the first place and help those looking to lose weight to drop the pounds. In part, this is due to the fact that green tea can give a boost to one's metabolism, which, in turn, helps to burn off calories. A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that green tea extract increased energy expenditure and also influenced fat oxidation.

Boosting your metabolism is always a good thing if you are looking to lose weight, and it appears that green tea extract can do just that. But why is it that green tea extract is necessary and you can't just drink tea instead? In short, you would have to drink a lot of green tea to get the same benefits of drinking green tea extract. The compounds contained in green tea extract are the ones you want and the ones that are most likely to help you boost your metabolism.

The simple fact is that green tea extract is unique. Green tea extract has so many health benefits that it is worth adding this supplement to your daily routine right alongside your multivitamin. Green tea extract does more than help you drop the pounds in that it might even fight off cancer and work to keep your body healthy, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants.

Green tea is a great alternative to sugary drinks, which everyone should avoid; especially those who need to shed a few extra pounds. Green tea has virtually no calories and green tea extract, of course, has zero calories. While there is caffeine in green tea and green tea extract, this fact does not deter from the substantial health benefits that they can bestow on your health and your quest to drop a few pounds!

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