How Safe is Diet Soda and Is It Making You Fat?

The simple fact is that there are many problems with diet soda. Regular soda is, in short, bad enough for you, as it loaded with sugar and food coloring. Yet, diet soda is in a different category altogether. Diet soda may not have the calories, but what it has instead is a variety of chemicals.

Where diet soda is concerned it is necessary to step back and ask yourself, "Do I really need these chemicals in my body?" The answer is, of course, "no," as these chemicals play no role in promoting good health.

Many experts believe that processed sugar is, in fact, very bad for human health. Yet, just because diet soda is "sugar free" doesn't mean that it is a healthy alternative. Increasingly, health experts are questioning diet soda and are even asking if diet soda could be linked to weight gain and issues like heart disease. You might be somewhat surprised to hear that diet soda is being questioned in this fashion, but every year more and more studies are questioning the wisdom of drinking them.

If you are still not convinced, consider that diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame. Many health experts feel that aspartame is potentially harmful and should be avoided. The reason that some health experts are concerned is that numerous reliable studies have brought the safety of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners into question. In one study by the National Cancer Institute, it was shown that older adults who drank beverages containing aspartame had a higher rate of lymphomas, leukemia, and brain tumors.

So should you definitely "shelve" diet sodas? In a word, yes. The fact that there are so many healthier options available to you means that you should just skip the diet sodas. In fact, of all your drink choices, diet soda could stand out as your single worse choice in many regards.

Diet sodas do nothing to contribute to your nutritional requirements and instead actually serve to put questionable ingredients into your body. By opting for more nutritious drink choices, ones that contribute to your health, you could be doing your body a great service.

Add to this the fact that many experts are beginning to wonder if diet sodas, despite their names and marketing, are actually contributing to weight gain and disease! In short, the red flags being raised against diet sodas are significant enough that you should probably find another drink choice.

Serious claims are being made against some of the ingredients that are found in diet sodas. Considering this fact you should consider switching to other, healthier and more nutritious options. There is just no argument that green tea, white tea, black tea and black coffee all stand as far greater choices, and all of these options are virtually free of calories and full of antioxidants.

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