How to Drink Yourself Skinny!

If you are trying to lose weight, your best friend and your biggest adversary could both be in what you drink. We look at what to drink (like green drinks), and what not to drink (like soda), to aid weight loss and help you drink
yourself skinny.
Drink Less of These to Lose Weight
Many drinks are said to contain "empty calories". This means that they are unnecessarily high in calories that do not fill you up. Examples are regular soda, which typically contain 136 "empty" calories per can while the same sized diet soda has no calories at all.
Drinks with high fat content, such as a glass of milk, lattes, milkshakes and hot chocolate drinks can add hundreds of calories to your daily intake yet are never counted as food or a meal. These high calories can be dramatically reduced by switching to fat-free milk options, or drinking low calorie drinks such as fruit teas to help you lose weight fast.
Alcohol holds many calories and serious dieters should try to avoid drinking alcohol or substitute with a low calorie alternative. A single 25ml shot of spirits such as gin or vodka contains 55 calories, so a generous gin and tonic can easily contain 250 calories. Look at it another way; every cocktail you turn down is another 250
calories of fat less for you to lose!

Drink More of These to Lose Weight
Satisfy your hunger by drinking clear broths and vegetable based soups for lunch or as a starter to your main meal. These low-calorie drinks fill your stomach and take the edge off your hunger, allowing you to eat smaller portions of your main course.
Juicing vegetables into green drinks is a great way to simplify your healthier diet, especially for those who do not enjoy preparing, cooking and eating vegetables. By making your own de-toxifying juices green drink you not only save money but save calories too. A smoothie of fruits and veggies bulked out with celery, cucumber, kale, lettuce and an apple keeps the calories down. Juicing vegetables makes a very filling breakfast which is key to successful weight loss. You can even add green supplements to your juice to increase the nutritional content. 
Water is a great weight loss aid for dieters, flushing food through the intestine faster and reducing the likelihood of constipation. By drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, dieters find that they not only feel healthier, they actually lose weight faster. Make sure you have a glass of water with each meal, and another glass in-between to keep you feeling fuller and less bloated.
Green tea is an excellent low calorie drink for dieters. Green tea improves metabolism and helps prevent the storage of fat as well as controlling appetite hormones so it really is a dieter's best friend.
Those with a sweet tooth often find that sipping low calorie cranberry juice or acai reduces cravings for sugary treats. Cranberry juice is high in antioxidants and helps to lower blood pressure which means a healthier body, as well as a slimmer one. But don't forget to add a green drink supplement to the juice to maximize the antioxidant benefits.
If you suffer from chocolate cravings, stock up on low-calorie hot chocolate drinks. A steaming mug of low-calorie chocolate before bed has around 40 calories, and a good night's sleep is an essential part of any successful diet. A tired dieter inevitably has lower willpower and less energy for exercise than a well-rested person.
Armed with this great list of what to drink and what to avoid, you'll soon be successfully shedding pounds as you drink yourself skinny!
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