The Benefits of Whey

Whey is the byproduct of cheese-making, the translucent liquid left after the cheese curds have been strained out. Far from being nutritionally depleted, whey actually has all the water-soluble benefits of milk and is high in easily digestible protein. Whey powder is a convenient form of this beneficial ingredient.

Sports enthusiasts, pregnant women, growing children and those recovering from surgery or cancer treatment all need protein, and whey is a concentrated source for providing these building blocks of muscle.

Whey Protein Content
When various types of protein are assessed for biological value (BV), eggs are the gold standard for other sources to measure up to. Egg whites are ranked at a BV of 100, indicating the full measure of protein can be metabolized. Whey is one of the only protein sources to have a greater value, with a highly efficient BV of 104.

The Attributes of Whey
Whey is a rich source of protein without the added calories of carbohydrates and fat, such as in chicken, fish, meat and eggs. When made into whey powder, it stays fresh for a long period of time, is portable, compact and versatile yet contains no additives. Whey protein has the highest absorption level for digestion compared to other sources and the exceptionally high quality makes it ideal for those on restricted diets such as diabetics and those trying to lose weight.

Some people are allergic to soy products, but allergies to whey protein are rare. With less than 1% lactose, it can often be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant. Whey has been shown to promote healing of wounds in animals and with a high quantity of active dipeptide fractions, such as cysteine and gamma-glutamylcysteine, it helps create antioxidants.

Whey actually contains all nine essential amino acids that are created when proteins are digested. Amino acids help break down other foods, aid body growth, repair tissue and perform other essential daily functions.

Whey and Weight Loss
Whey is an excellent aid to weight loss. As already mentioned, it provides protein without added calories from fat and carbs and it quickly makes you feel full so you do not have to fight hunger pangs. Recent studies suggest that whey also has anti-inflammatory properties as a bonus.

If you need a quick snack or meal-on-the-run, whey powder can be blended into smoothies and shakes to give long-lasting satisfaction without altering the taste or texture of the power drink. It can be added to cookie dough mixture or healthy bran muffins to give a boost of protein to a healthy snack. Chocolate whey powder can even be added to a cup of coffee to make a great mocha drink which can help satiate hunger. In short, everyone should have whey powder on hand in their cupboard for when they need a healthy protein boost.


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