Trouble Snacking? How to Stop Snacking and Lose Those Last Pounds for Good

Most people struggle to maintain a healthy weight today due to a variety of factors including stress, diet, exercise, and work. Many individuals also get hungry between meals which leads to unhealthy snacking and weight gain. However, there are ways you can learn to stop the unhealthy snacking. By incorporating some of these healthy tips into your everyday life, you can lose those last pounds for good!

Eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Despite this, many people choose to skip breakfast all together, not eating anything until the afternoon when they are absolutely famished. This leads to people overeating during lunch, which causes fatigue during the workday. So, make it a goal to eat your breakfast every day in order to maintain an ideal weight. It doesn't have to be right after you wake up, just listen to your body and only eat when you feel hungry. When you are ready for breakfast, eat something nutritious that will keep you full until lunch, like fruit smoothies.

Eat four or five smaller meals throughout the day. The average person eats a maximum of 3 meals a day. This often means that as much as 12 hours passes between each meal. When your body senses that it's in a state of starvation, which can happen when you don't eat for long stretches of time, it actually will slow down the normal speed at which it burns your fat cells. This is why it's important to keep your body nourished. Try eating four or five smaller meals throughout the day rather than just two or three. The key word here is smaller. The stomach organ is really only the size of your fist when empty, so keep this in mind when deciding on portion size.

Stock up on healthy snacks for when hunger strikes. Even with incorporating smaller meals into your diet, you should still keep healthy snacks around for when you get hungry and don't have time to eat a meal. The key word here is healthy. Foods like raw almonds, pistachios, and apples make great healthy snacks. You could also try stocking up on crackers and peanut butter, avocados, and dried fruit. Whenever you feel hungry, just grab one of these snacks to keep you satisfied until your next meal. But be aware of portion sizes for your snacks too (a whole pound of pistachios is not a snack!)

Try these tips out for yourself to see how they help you stop unhealthy snacking.

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