You Can Safely Lose More Than Two Pounds A Week

Many people are being misled by the myth that you can't safely lose more than two pounds per week. While results vary from person to person, millions of Americans have successfully lost multiple pounds in seven days without adverse effects.

Accelerated weight loss is not just possible, it is "probable," according to Tim Ferriss, author of the bestselling book titled Four-Hour Body. (Ferris is also the author of Four-Hour Work Week, another book that spent months on the bestseller list.) In the Four-Hour Body, Ferriss offers his theory that "less is more and small, simple changes produce long-lasting effects. " Millions of people have purchased his book and used it as a guide to successful, sustainable weight loss.

The book offers a wide range of weight loss suggestions and offers readers the chance to customize their plans by using their own blend of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. While his suggestions may sound simple on the surface, they are not easy to put into practice - but the sacrifices are worth it. "There is zero room for misunderstanding and visible results compel you to continue," said Ferris. "If results are fast and measurable, self -discipline isn't needed."

If you are one of the millions of Americans who need a fast, efficient road to weight loss you should talk to your holistic practitioner to determine your specific dietary needs and to develop an exercise program that will work for you. Don't fall for the myth that it's unsafe to lose more than two pounds a week. If you take a healthy approach, rapid weight loss can be a safe and achievable goal. A low-fat diet coupled with a fat-burning exercise program can render amazing results. Use natural methods to rev up your engine so that you can enjoy the warmer weather with a lean body, a spring in your step and a healthy glow from the inside out. 

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