Strengthen Your Immune System to Fight Infection And Disease

The immune system is the body’s “wellness warrior” so it is important that we give it the ammunition it needs to fight the bacteria, parasites and toxins that cause infections and diseases. Strengthening the immune system is the single most important thing we can do to stay healthy.

There are a number of external factors that can adversely affect our immune systems. Toxins in the environment can either suppress the immune system or cause it to “overact” to allergens. Air pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides and chemically-based cleaning products can gradually weaken our body’s “wellness warrior.”  Unfortunately, many of us come into contact with these toxins on a daily basis.  Since we can’t control most of the external factors, it is critical that we take advantage of the immune-strengthening steps that are within our power to take. Mother Nature has supplied us with everything we need to heal, regenerate and restore balance within our bodies.

A diet filled with immune-boosting nutrients can go a long way toward keeping us strong and healthy. Limit your consumption of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and buy local, organic produce whenever possible. To classify as organic, a food must have been grown without the use of harmful synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers and must be produced on a farmland that has been free of such chemicals for at least three years. Locally grown organic food is superior in terms of taste and freshness.

Ideally we should get the majority of vitamins and minerals we need from the foods we eat, but most people don’t get the recommended amounts of nutrients in their daily diets.  That is why more than 150 million Americans use nutritional supplements to guard their health. The type of supplement needed will vary from person to person depending on factors such as age, activity level and overall health.

Green Tea Elixir, which is available from the Institute for Vibrant Living, is a nutritional supplement that is appropriate for people of all ages and activity levels. This potent supplement combines the strength of green tea extract with four of nature’s disease fighters.  Green tea retains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants.  Research has shown that antioxidants can successfully fight free radicals within the body. Just ½ drop of IVL’s elixir gives you the disease-fighting power of 20 cups of green tea.

Nutritional supplements along with exercise, proper rest and common sense solutions like frequent hand washing can go a long way toward protecting your health. With cold and flu season on the horizon it is more important than ever that we strengthen our immune system and keep our “wellness warrior” ready to fight for our health.

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