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  • Infuse528™ Magnesium Oil Spray

Infuse528™ Magnesium Oil Spray

  • Where do you spray it....externally or in the mouth??

    Spray 4-5 sprays in the crook of each arm every morning and evening. Gently rub oil in.

  • Does this product cause diarrhea?

    It has not been reported to do that.

  • Do you spray it just in the crock of your arm or do you spray it where it hurts? Thanks

    You spray 4-5 sprays in the crock of your arm every day

Infuse528™ is magnesium chloride (better known as magnesium oil) bringing you the benefits of magnesium oil in a convenient spray.

This ultra-pure, highly concentrated magnesium oil offers you easy application in a convenient spray and the most efficient way of restoring cellular magnesium levels fast.

Rapidly absorbed through the skin this pure magnesium supplement is crucial to the health of nerve and muscle impulses found throughout the body including the brain, the heart, sex glands, and the bones.
100% Ultra Pure Magnesium Chloride
*These statements have not been evaluated by the
Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
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