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TriMotion Cream Topical Pain Relief

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Staying Active with Less Pain!

Don't let nagging pain slow you down. TRIMOTION PAIN CREAM goes to work fast to provide welcome relief from joint and muscle discomfort.

TRIMOTION PAIN CREAM leaves no stone unturned in its war on your pain. Unlike other muscle rubs you may have tried, TRIMOTION PAIN CREAM contains a unique and powerful combination of state-of-the-art pain-relieving ingredients for muscle pain as well as ancient oils for improved skin conditioning and absorption such as...

  • TRIMOTION PAIN CREAM contains two over-the-counter pain-fighting ingredients, MENTHOL AND METHYL SALICYLATE, that help pin point and attack acute pain by stimulating blood flow to the problem area.

  • TRIMOTION PAIN CREAM contains an ancient oil blend including WHITE WILLOW BARK... CHAMOMILE OIL... CALENDULA... and TEA TREE OIL.

  • TRIMOTION PAIN CREAM contains a deep-penetrating muscle blend including EMU OIL... GLUCOSAMINE... CHONDROITIN... MSM... AND BOSWELLIA.

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