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The world of vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming and confusing, but the Vibrant Health Forum (VHF) is now available to help guide you and answer your questions. Our goal is to help you make informative decisions regarding your health care so you can ultimately live a vibrant life!

Each week, the VHF will feature an educational article on a popular health topic along with a video blog discussing simple tips to help you achieve extraordinary health.

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Learning How To Cope With Stress

Should Mammograms be Phased Out?

For over 40 years, women have been told the best way to lower their risk of dying of breast cancer is by getting a yearly mammogram. But recently, several well-designed studies have found this recommendation may not be true. Researchers conclude the value of mammograms has been overrated and the harm they can cause severely underrated. So much so, that in truth, their detriment may outweigh their benefits.

In 2013, a landmark study was published in the Cochrane Database System Review which combined the data from 10 of the best mammography studies. This meta-analysis was considered highly significant because it included an exceptionally large number of women: 600,000! After pooling and analyzing all of the data, the researchers concluded that there is ?no evidence that mammography screening reduces overall mortality.?
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