Long Life Food Source™ - All The Legendary Superfoods In One Powerhouse Drink

  • Are there any products in this drink that can make your blood pressure go up..Or make your heartbeat in your ears..

    We are not aware of any known ingredients in the Long Life Food Source to make someone's blood pressure go up or cause it to feel or sound like their heart is beating in their ears. However there is Green Tea Extract in the product which does contain natural caffeine. Therefore if you are/do experience either or both of these, we would encourage you to seek the advice of your healthcare professional.

  • My wife is a diabetic, can she use this product?

    The Long Life Food Source is diabetic friendly. There is less than 1 gram of sugar, and 5.03 grams of carbs with all those fruits and vegetables!

  • please compare Long Life Food Source to your All Day Energy Greens and/or Go Ruby Go. What are the amounts of ingredients compared to the other formulas?

    To best serve you please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-218-1378.

  • If I use this product, should I discontinue usung Go Ruby Go and the green pwder?

    Our products are formulated where they can be taken together or separate. Therefore if you decide to take the Long Life Food Source, Go Ruby Go and All Day Energy Greens then you are welcome to do so.

  • how many calories per serving

    31 calories per serving.

  • Are the ingredients organic or wildcrafted. I was wondering about the colostrum. Is it from cows who are pasture fed and without hormones or antibiotics?

    The long life food source is not organic or wild crafted. We do have a product that does provide similar benefits called Organic Beautiful Barley.

  • My concern is the amount of caffeine because of the green tea. How much caffeine does it contain and could you just leave that out altogether the next time you make the product.at your manufacturer? Thank you.

    There is about 1/10th the cup of coffee that is natural caffeine that occurs in the green tea.

  • how much protein does this product have, if it's a meal replacement?

    It has 1.44g of protein per serving

  • Is it safe to take this product 2 times in one day?

    Yes, some people choose to take it several times a day, you want to avoid taking it in the evening as you may find it difficult to go to sleep.

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