Opti-50 Plus™ - Blood Sugar Maintenance Formula

  • How often do you take the drink; once or twice a day.

    We recommend that you take the Opti 50 Plus once a day. However this can be used as a meal replacement and therefore it can be taken more than once a day.

  • Can I take this product if I do not have diabeties?

    Before you take any supplement, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine if it's appropriate for you. However we do not show any reasons that you could not take the supplement with your doctors approval.

  • I take your green drink daily & love the results from it!!! Am considering adding Opti-50 Plus to my daily regime but don't see any Omega 3's in either of these products? Will I need an Omega supplement to build my good cholesterol number or will these 2 products also address that issue?

    please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine what is appropriate for you.

  • Is it Gluten Free? I am gluten intolerant, no wheat, barley or rye. I need to know the ingedients. Thank You.

    It is not Gluten Free. The ingredients can be found under the supplement facts tab.

  • I have diabetes and take gluatrol twice a day and now they have added 2 mg of Amaryl. When they add this it makes me gain weight and have swollen ankles. Which of the blood sugar products do you recommend for me. My a1c at my last checkup was 7.6.

    We have a good product called opti-50. However before introducing new supplements into your diet, we would recommend that you consult a health care professional.

  • I just asked you which of the products are better for handling blood sugar. I am on diabetes meds and would like to get off some of the ones that cause weight gain and fluid buildup. which of the two Opti-50 or Gluco Harmony would you suggest? My A1c is 7.5 at my last checkup. I also take the energy greens which I love.

    It just depends on how your body responds. As far as what works better, we have had many positive results on both of the products.

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