Berry Essentials™ Antioxidant Superfood Mix

IVL Berry Essentials Antioxidant Supplement
  • When making this product, are the seeds of the fruit included? Thank You

    We sometimes do use seeds in the making of our product Berry Essentails. However when we do use a seed, then the seed is finely ground where you would not know it was a seed or that there was a seed in it.

  • Is this product Cold Pressed

    Yes Berry Essentials is cold pressed.

  • Why does the product have Maltodextrin? Also, is the soy lecithin from organic soy? Thanks

    The Maltodextrin in the product is to allow the ingredients in the product to easily flow through the production process. The soy lecithin is not certified organic.

  • I am looking to buy Berry Essentials for sure due to the energy gained from the product that I read from one of the users reviews. I plan on buying Go Ruby Go and All Day Energy Greens in addition to the Berry Essentials. What I want to know is which of the other two should I buy to take along with the Berry Essentials?

    You can take both products with the Berry Essentials they all provide overall health.

  • is this good for kidneys

    Yes, this can help with your kidneys.

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