Cocoberri™ - Heart Healthy Coco Drink

IVL Cocoberri Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Supplement
  • I would like to know the fat calorie and sugar content.

    We have enclosed a link below that you can copy and paste into your internet browser. This will provide you a copy of the label that contains the Nutrional Facts:

  • Hi Does the Coco Berri have to be dissolved in liquid? I add it to my yogurt with a touch of honey for an awesome dessert!

    What a great way to enjoy the benefits of Coco Berri. If you have other recipes please share.

  • It is to sweet for me. ( 3000.00mg of XYLITOl) is that why is so sweet? what xilitol thats for the body?.

    Xylitol could function as a diabetic sweetener which is roughly as sweet as sucrose with 33% fewer calories. Unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, Xylitol is naturally found in low concentrations in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, and can be extracted from various berries, oats, and mushrooms

  • What is the caffeine content, sugar content, and salt content???

    We do not add caffeine, sugar, or salt to the Coco Berri. If there is any present it would be naturally occurring.

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