All Day Energy Green Zing ™ Hi-Octane Energy Drink For Health & Life

  • What is the source (fish,nut,etc) for Omega in this product ? And how does the expiration work if I ordered 12 cans? Do you stagger dates or will they all be getting close to expiration by the the end of the year? I tend to not use products religiously so I expect to be looking at using 12 in 13 months.

    We use Omega 3 powder. If you order a 12 month supply we guarantee that it will be fresh for the amount of time the product is sold for. So for a 12 month supply we insure it will not be expired in that 12 month time frame.

  • Is the stevia in green zing chemically processed?

    None of our products have chemicals in them.

  • Are all your products organic?

    No, not all of our products are organic however they are natural with no additvies or chemcials

  • Why is the All Day Energy Green Zing a slightly smaller container than the other two All Day Energy Green products?

    The Green Zing has a difference of ingredients then Energy Greens. Each canister is a 30 day supply.

  • How much Vitamin K is in Green Zing?

    Because it is a blend there is not listed amount for Vitamin K

  • How Much caffeine ?

    There is about 1/10th the cup of coffee per serving

  • How much caffeine/stimulants are contained in this product?

    There is about 1/10th the cup of coffee per serving

  • How much caffeine/stimulants are contained in this product?

    There is 1/10th the cup of caffeine per serving.

  • just ordered auto ship,and now I am confused. Is the energy green zing the same as all day engery greens?

    The main difference between the Energy Greens and the Green Zing is there is no soy. The Green Zing also has probiotics, omegas, reservatrol and there is no alfalfa.

  • what is the difference between the green zing and the all day greens, I ordered the zing, I am hoping it is the same as the all day greens

    Green Zing has no soy, where Energy Greens does have soy. It also has no Alafala added, and also has added Reservrtol and Omegas

  • Second time to ask this question - how much caffeine/stimulant is in this product?

    There is naturally occuring Green Tea that is in the product, it is about 1/10th the cup of coffee.

  • I was looking at trying your product. Not sure if I should try energy green or the zing type. I'm 58 and in pretty good health. I was concerned about the taste. Not sure what the soy benefits.

    If you are concerned about the taste we would recommend trying the All Day Energy Green Zing, or if you want soy All Day Energy Greens Fruit flavor. A lot of people that are taste sensitive have preferred these over the original.

  • Does this have any other ingredients other than the ones listed in your supplement facts. For example fructose, favors, bicarbs, stevia etc. Thankyou

    All the ingredients are listed on the label.

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