Strutz Sole Angel Arch Support

Strutz Soe Angle Arch Support
  • These are great. But do you make them in a neutral/flesh color?? Would be so much better when wearing sandals etc.

    We do apologize, at this time this is the only color available.

  • In a surgery on the outside tendon of my right foot to repair a tear from one end to the other, my body rejected the deep tissue sutures, it infected & I lost the tendon. My foot now pronates to the outside, is wider htan my left foot & I try to keep it supported by wearing shoes that lace up which gives me the best I can do with a shoe to support my foot. I am looking at the Strutz Sole Angel Arch Support & Cheetah ankle wrap support & wonder which, if any at all, would give me additional support. The surgery was in November 2009 and my Podiatrist doesn't have any other answers to saving my foot from utlimately crushing to the outside.

    It is possible this can help with support in your foot. We would recomend you check with your doctor first to see if they would recommend it.

  • will the struz sole arch support work with my flat feet? My feet hurt after standing all day at work.

    Yes they can help with fallen arches and flat feet

  • For this amount how many pairs of Strutz Sole Angel Arch Supports do you get

    Each order includes one pair.

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