FLEX 19 ™ - Joint Formula

  • My granddaughter's hip socket was fractured in an auto accident. Her dr. is keeping her immobilized so it can heal because he doesn't want to replace it. Would the flex19 be indicated in this situation?

    Our products are typically recommended for those of the age of 16 years of age or older. If your granddaughter is under 16 years of age, then we would recommend that you check with her pediatrician. If your granddaughter is an adult, then the product may be of help to your granddaughter’s situation and may possibly help with some of the other troubles caused by the accident.

  • Can you provide the list of ingredients, please? Are they natural or synthetic, or both? Thank you.

    Our products are all natural, not synthetic. We have enclosed a link below that you can copy and paste into your internet browser so that you can view a list of the ingredients at your leisure: http://www.ivlproducts.com/Content/Labels/Flex-19%20Label%20revised%202-12.pdf

  • What are the ingredents in this product and how do each one of them work?

    We have included a chart in our mailer/brochure which indicates all of the constituents and what effects that they have. We have enclosed a link below that you can copy and paste into your internet browser: http://www.ivlproducts.com/Content/Brochures/FXS212.pdf

  • Am on Warfarin for 6 mos. and have 1 more mo. to go. I want to start taking supplements again. Have terrible joint and muscle pain in my feet and knees, legs. Can I start taking a supplement to improve the pain and the function of my joints now or do I have to wait another month?? Do you have a supplement you recommend? Please respond to my inquiry as Life Extension and others have not responded to me. I am 71 yrs old and this was my first mishape due to traveling across the country by car. Thank you!!!

    Before you take any supplement, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine if it's appropriate for you. As for the recommendations, we would advise you to look into either the Flex-19 or our Alleviate. Both products are available for additional information through our website at www.ivlproducts.com

  • I noticed on the product label that it suggests taking these capsules between meals and not with meals. How long between meals is ideal? Is this not effective if taken in the morning and evening with meals. This is usually when I take my supplements. Thank you.

    We recommend taking the Flex 19 between meals for the maximum benefits to you. Therefore we would recommend about 90 minutes to 2 hours after eating taking the Flex 19.

  • Will the Flex 19 work as well as the Alleviate for the pain Thanks

    They are both natural supplements, and it depends on your body and how it responds to the ingredients.

  • How soon can you expect relief, and is flex19 better than aleviate, already suffering joint pain in knees and lower back

    Everybody responds different. Some people refer the flex 19 over the Alleviate and others prefer the Alleviate over the Flex 19. It all depends on what you see better results with taking.

  • dos it have glucosamine?

    Yes, 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate per serving.

  • Is this product better than alleviate? Are there any NSAIDS?

    Both products have great benefits to anyone that has pain in the muscles and joints, and this product is all natural so there are no NSAIDS. However there are natural inflammatory and pain relievers such as white willow bark.

  • I'm taking alleviate, can I take Flex 19 also?

    yes you can take them both together.

  • can you take alleviate and flex19 at the same time

    Yes you can take them at the same time.

  • What is the difference between Alleviate and Flex19?

    Both products have the abilitly to realive pain in your muscles and joints, but the Alleviate has the ability to relieve the fluids in your joints.

  • Would flex 19 or Alleviate work for spinal stenosis and basal joint arthritis

    Flex 19 and Alleviate can both help with the pain associated with different kinds of muscle or joint conditions.

  • My left keen is bone on bone will flex 19 help stop the pain?

    It has helped some people with bone on bone, however it was over a long period of time.

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