Omega Max® - Heart and Brain Formula

  • What does the gelatin in the capsule come from?

    The gelatin source in our Omega Max is Bovine.

  • What version of CO10 is in this supplement? Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol ?


  • Isn't Unbiquinal more easily absorbed than Ubiquinone? if so, why don't you include it in this soft gel?

    Ubiquinone is most similar to the body's own CoQ10 production and is preferred for people 35 and under, ubiquinol has been partially "processed" to make it more absorable for those 35 and older.

  • Is this product available as a liquid drink?Can it be taken withAll Day Energy Greens?

    We do apologize no this product is not available in a liquid form at this time. However, yes you can take it with our All Day Energy Greens.

  • I can not find the actual amounts of each supplement listed on the label. Please tell me where I can find this information.

    This product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. We do not publish the amounts of ingredients in our proprietary blend.

  • Is there any fish taste after taking the pill or if you burp etc.

    Not always, sometimes if you take it on a empty stomach.

  • Does this leave a fishy taste? Will I notice a fishy odor?

    It is possible if you take it on a empty stomach.

  • Which is better for me Omega Max or Omega Plus? I'm over fifty and on a statin. Thanks--Larry

    Omega Max Gold has a couple more added vitamins but both have great benefits to your health!

  • How many mgs of omega 3 are in each capsule?

    There are 500 MG per capsule

  • Is the omega max available with ubiqinol as I am well over 35.... now 70

    It does have Ubiquinone in it. 100mg per serving.

  • I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and some herbs. Are the extra ingredients likely to make a person jittery?

    no, we haven't heard any cases of people reporting that it has made them jittery. If you have a unique health issue or on medication it would be a good idea to show the ingredients to your doctor to make sure it is the right thing for you.

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