V Shake™ - Your Most Energizing Meal of The Day!

  • How many carbohydrates per serving?

    To view this information go to the Additional Resources tab, there will be a link there where you can pull up and print a copy of the product label.

  • Have you had anyone with Crohn's try the V shake and if so what was their response?

    Before you take any supplement, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine if it's appropriate for you.

  • What kind of protein is it? Soy or Whey?

    The protein in our new V Shake comes from Whey, the reason we say contains soy is that the product is manufatured in a plant that also processes soy ingredients.

  • i would like to know the ingredients. please list each item

    To view the list of ingredients in this product, please visit our website at www.ivlproducts.com and go to New Products. The product will be the first product you see, and you will click on the product. There will be a tab to the right of the picture of the product that is labeled as Additional Resources. Click on this tab and you will see a link that say product label. This will list the ingredients and the amounts of each ingredient in the product.

  • I would like to know is there going to be any sale on this product.and has anyone try V-Sape,and what the the most weight that was lost with thi product,and also this go well with go ruby go,all nature green.

    We would recommend signing up for our email specials to receive any discounts or specials on our proudtcs, including the new V Shake. This is a new product, therefore we have not had many customer testimonials yet. The V Shake does compliment our Go Ruby Go and All Day Energy Greens well, and all 3 products can be taken in the same day.

  • Is there a list of the flavors available?

    At this time we only offer this in the chocolate flavor.

  • I have been using V shake for only a couple of weeks now and I haven't noticed any difference but it is still early yet. I am ordering the Go Ruby Go and wonder if this will conflict with the V shake. Is it ok to use both of them?

    That is fine to use them both, just take them at different times of the day as they require two different sets of enyzmes to digest properly.

  • hello, I live in the philippines and I am interested in ordering six or more packages. do you give a discount on larger orders. I do not want to use autoship because of overseas delivery. pete obrien P.S. the name space above is not working

    Please contact us at customercare@ivlproducts.com for more information.

  • Why do you have Fructose in this product? Doesn't it cause obesity?

    The fructose is included for the flavoring. Over eating and not gettting exercise that is what causes obesity.

  • Where does your whey protein come from?

    Whey protein, it is on the label, whey is from dairy, curds and whey

  • Why is there a need for fructose, which we don't need? It already has stevia.

    This formula carries a number of ingredients and to get the flavor to be palatable the formulators include the fructose.

  • Does V SHAKE have any natural appetite suppressant(s) in its formula?

    There are no specific appetite suppressants in the V Shake, but the Whey protein should act as a bulking agent and thus having the feeling of being full longer.

  • What kind of weight loss can be typicaly expected from consuming V SHAKE once a day, for 30-days, assuming I am watching my diet, not drinking soda, eating proportinately (meaning smaller meals)?

    The V Shake can be taken as a meal replacement or as a snack but you can also continuing to eat, however we are not able to advise you of how fast or how slow you may start to see results, individual results will vary. We would like to note that our customers that have changed their eating habits and incorporated more exercise to suit their abilities have reported seeing results faster than other customers that do not change their daily routine.

  • Is the v shake gluten free?

    No it is not.

  • Are your ingrediants all organic or do you have GMO's in it?

    With the FDA's new standards of GMO, our products may not contain 100% non GMO.

  • Ijust received my 30 day trial supply of V Shake. I do not know how much is a scope for an 8 oz glass?

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