All Day Energy Greens® Fruit Flavor Hi-Octane Energy Drink For Health & Life

  • I would like to know if this is good doesn't matter if I have high blood presure, diabetes. I just want to know if this is secure for me. Thanks.

    If you are on any perscription medications, we do advise before you take any supplement, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine if it's appropriate for you. As our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • what are the ingredients how can a powder form be as beneficial as the fresh form of fruits & vegetables?

    All the Ingredients are under the tab “Supplement Facts”. We freeze dry the natural ingredients that we use to preserve the nutrition.

  • What is the amount of Carbs? Thanks.

    Each servings size of the All Day Energy Greens has 5g of Carbohydrates.

  • I have received your brochure in the mail today. I went on line to order the GREAT VALUE OFFER which is listed in the brochure as a three(3)-month supply for $89.99 with Free Shipping. I can't find that offer on your web site. That is what I should like to sample if it is made available to me. If the trial is to my liking I then expect to order the two cannisters every two months (Automatic shipment). Thank you for your timely response

    If you received a promotion there should be a savings code that was included in that brochure. You need to enter that in to the box for the savings code in the top right hand corner. Then select the one month supply of the All Day Energy Green and change the quantity to the amount offered in the catalog.

  • I just placed an order. Can I get half of the product in the original flavor so I can taste the difference? Thanks, John

    To modify an order please contact customer service at 1-800-218-1378, if the order has already been shipped out you can return part of the product for an exchange if you would like.

  • can i buy whole sale sell product in idaho?

    We currently do not have a wholesale program.

  • What has been added to give this new Energy Greens formula its "exotic fruity taste"? I couldn't tell from its list of ingredients. Thank you!

    The exotic flavor is from the natural berry flavor we added

  • What would the difference in taste between this and if you mixed the regular green powder with your berry powder or your ruby powder? Also how does it taste different than zing?

    The Fruit flavored is exactly the same as the All Day Energy Greens, just with an added fruit flavor. The berry and ruby are both fruit based products where as the All Day Energy Greens is vegetable based.

  • My book says $89.99 with free shipping for a 3 months supply, why are you charging more?

    To get the same price as in the book there is a savings code on the back of the catalog, you want to put that in the box in the top right corner of the website where it says “Enter savings code”. Then you want to select the product you wish to order and select the one (1) month supply, and then change the quantity to 3. That should then correct the price. If you continue to experience issues placing the order online please call our sales line 1-800-218-1379.

  • What is the fruity taste? Berries? Bananas? ??

    Many customers have described this as having a sweet "green" taste which we describe as tasting like what it smells like.

  • I have one of your mailings the best deal is 6 months for 139.99 when I enter savings code it does not show that price that also included shipping and a cup that was for all day energy green do I have to mail in the order to get that deal.

    To get the same price as in the book there is a savings code on the back of the catalog, you want to put that in the box in the top right corner of the website where it says “Enter savings code”. Then you want to select the product you wish to order and select the one (1) month supply, and then change the quantity to 6. That should then correct the price. If you continue to experience issues placing the order online please call our sales line 1-800-218-1379.

  • how many servings in a canister?

    Each canister is approximately a 30 day supply.

  • What did you use to give it fruity taste and if I drink this do I still need go ruby go?

    It’s all natural flavors. The All Day Energy Greens is your daily supply of vegetables. The go ruby go is still a good solution to getting your daily supply of fruit.

  • Is this product gluten free? What about Go Ruby Go?

    It is not listed as gluten free

  • Why do you use Stevia and not natural sugar? I was so excited that you didn't use wheat, bee pollen, garlic, MSG, yeast, egg, kelp, coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring salt, starch, maltodextrin, corn fats, oils, stabilizers, casein, dairy or animal products. I like that it is environmentally friendly. WON'T BUY because of the STEVIA.

    Stevia is derived from the sweet leaf plant native to South America, is an excellent substitute for sugar. Stevia leaves contain two "glycoside" molecules, steioside and rebaudioside, which are 300 times sweeter than table sugar. Stevia has no calories, a zero glycemic index (meaning it has no carbs), no artificial ingredients, and no effect on blood sugar. It's a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your blood sugar levels.

  • You product contains soy. I thought soy isn't that good for you especially for men. What type of soy is in your product? Is it the GMO type?

    For every article that discredits soy there is another article that recommends it. We offer both versions of the All Day Energy Greens, with or without soy. The soy free version is called All Day Energy Greens Zing.

  • Mention about regulate your blood sugar...but per serving it contains a 1.5gm of sugar, hows that work?

    It is naturally occurring, we do not add sugar. The results have shown that a lot of people have managed to lower their blood sugar, and this has helped.

  • Where is this product made? USA?

    Our product is made in Arizona, California and New York

  • What is the exact difference between your regular "All Day Energy Greens" and the newer "All Day Energy Greens Great Fruity Taste". I was told that the only difference was an addition of berry flavor. I looked at both labels and did not see where the difference was.

    There is added berries and there is also probiotics and enzymes

  • Are the ingredients from organic sources??

    There are three (3) products in the All Day Energy Greens that is Organic. The Organic Barley Grass (Ariel) Juice Powder, Organic Beet Juice (Root) Powder, and the Organic Flax Seed Powder.

  • will this product help with leg circulation and my blood lipid panel

    It may help with that. We recommend first talking with a doctor or healthcare professional to determine if it’s right for you.

  • My sister in Australia told me about Vital Greens which seems to be similar can you compare for me? Also, on their website they have removed Stevia due to complaints and now use Thaumatin (Natural Sweetener) is used. A bit worries about review that say it doesn't mix well or taste good?? thanks

    We do not research other products. We research natural ingredients. We can't speak on behalf of other companies, however for us we have extensively tested our products and believe that it will work for you. We are so confident our product works that we offer a life time money back guarantee. A lot of companies do not offer a money back guarantee, and the ones that do usually have a limited time for the refund. As far as taste opinions vary from person to person. Some say they appreciate the taste, and others state that they have to acquire a taste.

  • What is the shelf life if i were to order the 12 month supply plus 4.

    We guarantee that it will not expire prior to the amount of time it was purchased for. So if you purchased a 12+4 free supply we would guarantee that it is fresh for at least 16 months. From the time it is manufactured typically it is a two year shelf life.

  • can you get this in a pill form.cant take sweet taste

    We currently do not have this in pill form. The body absorbs powder faster than it does pills. You may want to try mixing it in something other than water, such as juice, yogurt, or a smoothie, at least until you get used to the taste or allow enough time to see the benefits.

  • I see Soy is the second ingredient. I hear so many 'not so good' stories about soy. Can you offer some insight? I am also 48 years old. Will this drink be beneficial to me as well as most of your clients are older.

    Soy has been proven to be a healthy natural option to have in your daily diet. For people that feel strongly against soy or have allergy issues with soy we do have a soy free version of it called All Day Energy Greens Zing.


    There is not a specific time frame that is ideal, however we recommend no latter than with lunch, as it does help build natural energy.

  • Is this product good for all ages?

    Though the All Day Energy Greens is all natural we have not tested it on anyone under the age of 18 and would recommend that you consult your healthcare provider prior to consumption.

  • I usually have this in the morning before breakfast. To save time in the morning can I make it the night before and keep in the refrigerator. Will it still be effective ?

    That is completely fine to premix your drink the night before, just give it a good shake in the morning.

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